How do I See an Overview of All my Accounts?

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The Account List shows the accounts in the current file - (The open Quicken file is the current file. Its name appears in the title bar of the Quicken window. You can have many different accounts in a single file). - Accounts are grouped by primary use, such as Personal Banking or Personal Investments.

From here you can add an account, change the characteristics of accounts, look at your account balances, or open an account to work with in Quicken.

To open the Account List, choose Tools menu > Account List.

  • Can I change the order of my accounts?

    Select an account to move in the Account List (click anywhere on the account line, but not on the account name), and then click the up or down arrow that appears next to the account name.

    To a limited extent, you may also move an account from one group to another group.

  • What if my account isn't listed here?
    • You may have set it up in a different file. Check any other Quicken data files that you may have and then move the account to another file if needed.
    • You may have hidden the account. You'll need to unhide the account to view it again.
  • How do I change the type of balance shown in the Account Bar?
    • Right-click in the Account Bar, and then choose Show Current Balance in Account Bar or Show Ending Balance in Account Bar.
    • If you have savings goals, they are listed in the Account Bar. Right-click a savings goal and deselect Show Savings Goal transactions in register and reports to hide any transfers to your savings goal and view your actual account balance.
  • How do I print my account information?
    1. If you want to print the details of your accounts, including account numbers, click Options, then choose Include additional info when printing.
    2. At the lower left of the window, click the printer icon.


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