How do I select or change a font

Quicken prints reports, graphs, checks, and so on, using default fonts. However, you can choose different fonts. The range of choices is determined by the fonts you have available on your computer.

1. Choose File menu > Printer Setup, then select the object you're preparing to print (Reports/Graphs or Checks or Invoices).

2. Click the font you want to change:

  • Reports: To adjust the font used for titles and headings, click Heading Font. To adjust the font used for all other text, click Body Font.
  • Checks: To adjust the font for any field except the numeric dollar amount field, click Font. Due to Check 21 restrictions, the numeric dollar amount field prints as Arial (font), Regular (font style), 10 pt (font size) and cannot be changed.
  • Invoices/Forms (only in Quicken Home & Business): To adjust the font used for the company address, click Company Font. To adjust the font used for all text you enter such as the line items and customer message, click Main Font.
    • Which fonts can I change here?
      You can use the Invoice Printer Setup dialog to specify fonts for invoices that weren't edited in the Forms Designer (only in Quicken Home & Business). For invoices edited in the Forms Designer, the fonts you select there will print regardless of the settings you select here in the Invoice Printer Setup dialog.

3.Change any combination of the font, font style, and size, and click OK.

  • About the font list
    The font list displays all the fonts available on your printer. Once you select a font, the Font style list displays the styles available for the font you selected, and the Size list shows the character sizes available for the font you selected.
  • Which fonts will give me the best results?
    For best results with reports and invoices, select the Regular font style a size between 9 and 12. For best results with checks, use the Regular or Bold font style and a size between 9 and 12. Due to Check 21 restrictions, you cannot change the font, font style, and font size of the numeric dollar amount field in checks.
  • How do I preview fonts?
    As you make font selections, check in the Sample box to see what the font will look like. For some fonts, this is only an approximation.

4.Click OK to save your new font selections.


  • What is Check 21?
    Check 21 is a federal law enacted in 2004 to help banks handle more checks electronically. Because check scanners may reject checks that use an incompatible font style or size in the numeric dollar amount field, you can print only checks from Quicken that use Arial (font), Regular (font style), 10 pt (font size) in this field. The font style and size of all other typed fields don't interfere with the Check 21 restrictions, so you again have the flexibility to change this information in Quicken.
    • Tell me more about Check 21
      The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (better known as Check 21) was established in 2004 to modernize the U.S. payments system by streamlining the way your checks are processed. The main objective of Check 21 is to speed up check-clearing time and eliminate the costs and risks of physically transporting checks. Check 21 allows financial institutions to create and present a substitute check for payment in place of the original check. This new substitute check is an electronic copy of the front and back of your original check, can be easily printed for you at any time, and provides the legal equivalent of your original check.

      Check 21 changes you may notice:
      • Time between writing a check and when it's cashed generally decreases.
      • Many financial institutions may no longer retain and return your original checks. However, substitute checks are always available in printed format for you from your financial institution.
      • Your financial institution may contact you about fees for checks that are not Check 21 compatible.
      • Text for the check dollar amount is preset by Quicken to Arial 10 point font, and can't be changed. (You still have the option to use other fonts for all other text on your printed check.)
      • Text fonts printed on your checks can't be in color.
      • There are additional impacts for Check 21 wallet checks.

      As Check 21 changes continue to evolve, Intuit monitors industry developments and updates Quicken and the checking products supplied to individuals and businesses. If you purchase your checks from Intuit, we will continue to protect you with our money-back guarantee that our checks will be accepted by every financial institution in the U.S.

      Intuit doesn't guarantee, however, that Traditional wallet checks purchased after August 1, 2005 are Check 21 compatible.

      For more information about Check 21, visit

  • About fonts
    If you don't select a font, Quicken chooses a font for you (usually Arial). For the fonts you select:
    • Fonts with the double T icon are TrueType fonts. TrueType fonts appear in the Sample box and in Print Preview just as they do on the page. (Some printer and screen fonts don't resize properly (they aren't scalable). If you experience problems with a font, try a TrueType font instead.)
    • Fonts with the printer icon are approximated in the Sample box and in Print Preview, but they may print faster than TrueType fonts print.
    • Fonts without an icon are screen fonts. You can view these fonts on-screen, but Quicken substitutes the closest nonscreen font when you print.