How do I sell or redeem a U.S. Savings bond?

  1. In the Account Bar, select the account you want to use.
  2. Click Enter Transaction.
  3. In the Enter Transaction list, choose Sell - Shares Sold.
  4. In the Number of Shares field, enter the number of savings bonds.
  5. In the Price field, enter the price you paid per bond (the difference between your purchase price and the redemption price is taxable interest).
  6. Select the account you'd like the amount of the sale deposited in.
  7.  Identify the lots you want to use for this transaction.
  8. Use the Income dialog to record the remainder of the proceeds (the difference between the purchase and redemption price referred to above) as interest income.
  9. If you haven't been tracking ongoing interest, add add it now. (Optional)
  10. Enter a negative return of capital to cancel out the sale proceeds and correctly represent the bond's tax free status.


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