How do I track different sales tax rates

If you pay a single tax rate to a single governmental agency, the *Sales Tax* liability account, created for you by Quicken, is all you need. If you handle more than one tax rate, you need to create a separate liability account for each rate and use the correct account with each invoice. Then, when you're creating an invoice for a transaction that uses a different tax rate, change the default sales tax account.

Suppose you began your business in Latah County but have picked up your first customer from Nez Perce County.

1. At the bottom of the first Nez Perce County invoice form you create, from the Tax Account list, select New.

2. In the Create Tax Account dialog, enter an account name--for example, Nez Perce - Tax--a description, and a tax rate, and click OK.

          Now, whenever you have a customer from Nez Perce County, select Nez Perce - Tax from the Tax Account list on the invoice form. When you're back home in Latah County, select the tax account you've been using for that county from the Tax Account list.

This feature requires Quicken Home & Business or Rental Property Manager. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.

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