How do I track partially reimbursed miles

Businesses reimburse mileage at different rates. But the IRS only has one mileage rate governing what you can deduct from your taxes. If your business pays more than the IRS rate, the difference is income and taxable; if your business pays less than the IRS rate, the difference is possibly deductible. But how to keep track? Easy. Use the Vehicle Mileage Tracker to both track income from reimbursed miles and track partially reimbursed miles.

  1. Open the Mileage Tracker.

    • From the Business tab
      Click the Business tab, then click the Business Tools button and choose Mileage Tracker.
  2. Enter your trip as usual.
  3. Under Trip Type, select Other.
  4. Edit the rate so it equals the difference between the rate at which your company reimbursed you and the rate that the IRS uses.

    • Can you give me an example?
      For example, say you went on a business trip of 100 miles. Your company reimbursed you at .50/mile, while the current IRS rate was .555/mile.

      When you record your trip, enter .055 in the Rate field. This captures the .055/mile difference between your company's reimbursement rate and the IRS rate, for a total difference of $5.50. That difference may be tax deductible.

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