How do I track progress toward a goal in the Lifetime Planner

The Plan: Results snapshot on the Lifetime Planner page of the Planning tab shows the progress of your overall Lifetime Plan. Folded into that are any specific financial goals you set up (such as retirement, paying for college, buying a new home, and so on). The Event Status snapshot on that same page shows the progress of each individual goal.

The two snapshot let you track the progress of your plan as a whole or each life event goal individually.

1.Click the Planning tab.

2.Click the Lifetime Planner button.

3.If necessary, scroll to view the Event Status and Monthly Savings Targets snapshots.

◦The Event Status snapshot shows you the status of each life event goal that you've set up for a specific account. If you don't see a summary of your college goal, home purchase goal, or special purchase goal, you need to choose a specific account to fund this goal.

◦The Monthly Savings Target shows you what you need to save per month for each life event goal.


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