How do I update account information on

You can send balances for brokerage accounts so they are available on your personal space.

In addition, you can create special investment alerts. When you create investment alerts on, you have the vast financial information resources of the Internet optimized for your own Quicken portfolio. When a security you own or watch experiences a significant change or news event, you're notified the next time you use One Step Update.

  • Export your investing account information to
    • Choose Tools menu > One Step Update
    • Under the Online Services heading, make sure Update portfolio on is selected.
    • Click (select investing data to sync).
    • Select the accounts you'd like to track and set your preferences.
    • Click Update Now.
    • If necessary, enter your login information, and click OK. 
    • Review the One Step Update Summary information. If no errors are reported, you can go online to view your account balances on
  • Link more than one Quicken file with
    You can have only one account associated with a single Quicken data file. To link more than one Quicken file with, you must create a new account for each data file.