How do I Update The Cash Balance of an Investment Account?

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If you need to update an investment account's cash balance, Quicken provides a dialog for this purpose.

1. Open the investment account you want to use.

2. Click the Account Actions icon, and then choose Update Cash Balance.

  • If this account has been activated for online account access
    Enter the account's ending cash balance as of the date specified in the dialog.

    If during a previous download you told Quicken to track a money market fund security as your cash balance, you may (depending on whether your financial institution

    supports this) be able to change you mind here and go back to tracking it as a regular money market fund (for example, with Buy and Sell transactions for the money market fund instead of simple cash transactions). If this ability is available for your financial institution, Quicken displays the Cash Representation button on the Update Cash Balance dialog.

If this is a 401(k) account, don't use this procedure. Instead, see Entering updates to a 401(k)/403(b) account.

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