How do I update transactions and balances from my bank?

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Learn how to Update your financial transactions and balances from your bank.

How do I perform a One Step Update in Quicken?

There are three ways to access One Step Update.

  1. From your Account bar or Toolbar.
  2. From the Tools menu.
  3. From your account's register (if you want to update one account by itself).

Once you access your One Step Update Settings, you'll be able to select which accounts you'd like to update.

Depending on how you manage your financial institution passwords, you may be asked for your financial institution's password or the password for your Quicken Password Vault.

What happens when I perform a One Step Update?

The One Step Update performs the following tasks, if applicable and if available.

  1. Download the latest cleared transactions and balances for your online-enabled bank, credit card, investment, and 401(k) accounts.
  2. Send pending and recurring payments, cancel payments, or update payment status instructions, as long as they are supported by your bank.
  3. Send pending online transfers between accounts at the same banks, if you're connected via Direct Connect.
  4. Sync your data to the Quicken Cloud and use Quicken on your phone or tablet.
  5. Download transactions and send online payments for multiple accounts.
  6. Download security quotes.
  7. Download Quicken software updates.

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