How do I Use The Retirement Calculator for a Quick Approximation

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The Retirement Calculator can give you a quick approximation of the funds available in your retirement accounts. Use it to answer questions such as: "If I retire in 10 years and put $2,000 into my IRA account every year until then, how much money will I have available?" You can use it before you enter information in the Retirement Planner, to give you an idea of how much more you'll need to save.

  1. Click the Planning tab.
  2. Choose Planning Tools > Retirement Calculator.
  3. In the Retirement Information area, enter information about your retirement account and when you plan to retire.
  4. If your retirement account is not a tax-deferred investment, click Non-Sheltered Investment.
  5. If the tax rates shown are incorrect for your income bracket, enter the correct tax rates in the fields provided.
  6. Enter the adjustments you want Quicken to make for inflation. (Optional)
  7. Click Calculate after entering the last value.
  8. Schedule.
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      The schedule shows the balance of your retirement account after each scheduled contribution, as well as your retirement income for each year of your retirement.

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