How do I use the retirement calculator in Quicken 2007 for Mac?

The retirement calculator lets you look at one retirement account at a time to project how much income that account will provide in your retirement. Quicken can calculate one of three different fields in this calculator.

  1. Choose Activities > Planning Calculators > Retirement.
  2. Click the arrow next to the amount you want Quicken to calculate.
    • Select Current Savings to calculate the amount you need to start with to meet your projected retirement income goals.
    • Select Contribution Each Year to calculate how much you need to contribute to this account each year to meet your goals.
    • Select Retirement Income to calculate how much this investment will be worth based on your estimated tax rate and all contributions.
  3. Enter amounts for each outlined field. Press Tab to move from field to field. Quicken updates the calculated amount each time you move to a new field.
  4. Select the Inflate Contributions checkbox if you want to keep up with the effects of inflation by increasing your contributions by the rate of inflation each year.

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