How do I use the spending tab

Use the Spending tab to see breakdown of where your money is going. The pie chart provides a way to drill down and see the transactions in a particular category. You can also see which transactions are uncategorized, so you can easily assign them to categories.

Get started with the Spending tab

  • See where your money us going
    1. Click the Spending tab.

    2. Use the filters at the top of the window to change the accounts, time period, and type of transactions (spending or income) that you want to see.

    3. Click a slice in the pie chart to see the transactions in a particular category. The list of transactions below the pie chart changes to show only the transactions in that category. Using the list you can easily change the categories and payees assigned to your transactions.

    • To navigate back up

      To navigate back up, click the "breadcrumb" links in the upper left of the pie chart window.

    4. Continue to click a slice in the pie chart to see the transactions paid to a particular payee.

    If there are any uncategorized transactions, a message appears with a link that will take you to a list of the uncategorized transactions.

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