How Do I Use Web Connect in Quicken Mac 2007

Setting up an account for Web Connect

1. From your web browser, log in to your financial institution's Web site.

2. Choose the Quicken Web Connect option to download your account statement.

3. When your browser finishes downloading the file, double-click the file in the Finder or desktop.

4. When Quicken asks you to select the account into which you want to download the transactions, choose an existing account or create a new account, and click OK.

5. Review the Online Transmission Summary and click OK.

6. Next, update your account register with the new transactions.

Downloading your account statement

1. Choose Online > Download Transactions.

2. Choose an account from the pop-up menu and click Download.

Any account name preceded with a "•" in the account pop-up menu indicates there are unaccepted transactions for that account.

3. Enter your PIN and click OK.

Quicken downloads the most recent statement data for all online-enabled accounts belonging to the selected customer ID and financial institution. (When you retrieve data again at a future time, Quicken retrieves all data since the last time you retrieved data.)

4. Review the Transmission Summary window, and then click OK.

NOTE: If you are connecting to your financial institution using Web Connect, Quicken will open your Internet browser and take you to your financial institution's Web site. Log in and request a statement download using the Quicken Web Connect option. See any documentation provided by your financial institution for more information.

Updating your register

1. In the Download Transactions window, choose an account to review from the pop-up menu at the top of the window.

2. (Optional) To add missing payee or category information to a transaction, select the transaction in the transaction list. Quicken displays the transaction in the register at the bottom of the window. Make your changes in the register and click Record.

3. Select each transaction that you want to add to your register.

You can hold down the Command key and click additional transactions to select multiple transactions. If you make a mistake and want to deselect a transaction, click it again.


4. Click Accept to record the selected transactions, or Accept All to record all transactions.

The accepted items are added to your register, marked C (cleared), and removed from the transaction list.

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