How do I view the Lifetime Planner results

  1. Click the Planning tab.
  2. Click the Lifetime Planner button.
  3. An account balances bar graph covering the years of your plan is displayed in the Plan: Results snapshot. The snapshot also tells you if your plan is succeeding, and the Event List at the bottom lists the events you are planning for. 


  • To get more detail from the graph
    To see the forecast account balance for a single year, place the cursor on the bar for that year. The cursor changes to a magnifying glass and the account balance is displayed.

    To see how that forecast account balance was reached, double-click the bar for that year. A summary of account activity is displayed in a separate dialog.

    To view amounts in future dollars, click the Options button above the Plan: Results snapshot and select Show amounts in future value.

    You may be surprised to see that after-retirement expenses appear higher than before-retirement expenses even through you've entered a lesser amount for after retirement. This is because today's dollars are increased by the inflation rate you set in the Estimated Inflation dialog.