How do I view my current asset allocation

An important initial step in balancing your portfolio is knowing where you stand today. To do this, you need to view your current asset allocation.

  1. Choose Reports menu > Investing > Investment Asset Allocation.
  2. In the Date Range field, if the default date range doesn't include the period you want, select another date range. (Optional)
  3. Click Customize to customize your report or graph. (Optional)
    • Tell me more about customizing the report or graph
      • Click Accounts and select the accounts that your report or graph will be limited to. 
      • Click Securities and select the securities that your report or graph will be limited to. 
      • Clear the No Security check box to exclude the cash or linked checking account totals from the account balances. 
      • Click Security Types and select the types of securities that your report or graph will be limited to. 
      • Click Investing Goals and select the investment goals that your report or graph will be limited to. Click OK to close the Customize dialog.
  4. To display the same data in the other format, click Show Report or Show Graph in the upper-left corner of the report. To hide a format, click the corresponding Hide button. (Optional)
  5. Click Save Report to save the report or graph. (Optional)  


Sector-based asset allocation analysis is available to registered users who have set up a portfolio or exported a portfolio from Quicken. See (Internet access required). Asterisks in your report indicate missing or incomplete data. Quicken relies on accurate and complete data to derive reliable performance measures. To view certain performance measures, it may be necessary first to replace placeholder entries with complete historical data. You can get additional information about how your investments are doing. To find out more, display the help topic (click the previous link) and click the Create an investment asset allocation report or graph option.

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