How do I view Tax Planner details

If you're not certain about a figure in a Tax Planner field, you can view the details of that field, which means you can see the transactions Quicken used to arrive at the amount in question. Viewing the details of a Tax Planner field tells you not only where the data came from but also what type of data it is-in other words, whether it's Quicken data (such as a transaction you've entered or scheduled), TurboTax data, or data you entered. You can also edit it if necessary.

  1. Click the Planning tab.
  2. Click the Tax Center button.
  3. Click Show Tax Planner.
  4. In the Tax Planner Summary list on the left, click Details.
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      Quicken displays the data source and transaction details for each tax planner data item and each tax form.
  5. In the Form list, select the tax form or schedule containing the Tax Planner data items you want to examine.
  6. In the Item list, select the appropriate data item.
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      You can page through all Tax Planner data items by clicking Next Detail Item.
  7. To see the individual Quicken categories that are assigned to the tax form (or schedule) and tax line item you just selected, click View tax form line items used here at the top of this window.
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      Quicken opens a separate dialog that displays this tax form line item along with all of its associated Quicken categories (A way of identifying the purpose of your transactions, such as Utilities, Groceries, Paycheck, and so on. Quicken uses these categories to create reports and graphs).
  8. To return to a specific page in the Tax Planner, select the corresponding item from the list on the left. For example, to see the values for other income, click Other Income.
  9. To view the details for a particular item on a page, click Show/Hide Details or the underlined Tax Planner data item.
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      Quicken shows you whether the information is from an imported TurboTax file or transactions entered in Quicken or whether you entered the data. The Details view also shows a list of the transactions used to arrive at the figure in the Tax Planner. The list of transactions includes all future scheduled transactions, shown in red, and all recorded Quicken transactions (split transactions shown in blue, and regular/investment/YTD transactions shown in black).

Quicken displays information culled from your Quicken data (such as transactions categorized as Salary) or from TurboTax data (if you imported it into Quicken) in the Tax Planner. Quicken projects this data for the current tax year.

You can change any of the information displayed in the Tax Planner at any time. Your changes take precedence; that is, Quicken considers your changes to be the most up-to-date. You can also change back to Quicken data or TurboTax data if you need to.

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