How do I view tenant history

View the information that you updated about your tenant in the Tenant History List. For the particular field you changed, you can see the old data, the new data, and the date when you changed it.

  1. Click the Rental Property tab.
  2. Click the Properties & Tenants button and choose Show Tenant List
  3. Select the tenant whose history you want to view. 

    • Why can't I see my tenant in this list?
      If you selected the Hide tenant check box, Quicken does not display the tenant in the Tenant List. Select the Show hidden tenants check box in the Show Tenant List dialog to view all hidden tenants.
  4. Click History
  5. Click Delete if you want to remove an entry from the history.


  • You can see the history of Name, Property, Rent amount, and Lease dates
  • Every time you update a field, Quicken removes the older entry from the History list, and you see only the latest change you made. If you change the same field multiple times in a day, you see the last change of the day

This feature requires Quicken Rental Property Manager. Learn how you can upgrade Quicken in minutes.