How do I work with investing goals

How are your college savings doing? Identify investing goals and assign a goal to each security you track in Quicken so that you can view your securities by goal in investment reports and the Investment Performance graph. The standard Quicken investing goals are College_Fund, Growth, High Risk, Income, and Low Risk. You may want to add additional goals such as Retirement, Down Payment, Renovating, or Medium Risk. You can use goals to designate industry groups (such as technology, energy, or consumer products).

You can also creatively set up goals as a way of remembering who suggested that you purchase the security (by using the name of your broker, friend, or co-worker as the goal). Then you can create a report that tells who is giving you the best advice.

Set up and manage investing goals using Quicken's Investing Goal List.

  1. Choose Investing tab > Tools > Security List
  2. Click Edit Security Details.
  3. Click the name of any security.
  4. Click Edit Security Details.
  5. In the Edit Security Details dialog, click Other Info.
  6. In the Additional Security Information dialog, click Edit Goals.

7.As necessary, create, edit, or delete investing goals.

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    • Click New to add a new investing goal.
    • Click Edit to change information about an investing goal.
    • Click Delete to remove the currently selected goal from the list.
    • Click the Print icon to print the Investing Goal List.   


  • To assign a goal to a security, edit the security.
  • To organize an investment report by goal, open the report (choose Reports menu > Investing, and then choose a report), then click Customize, and for Subtotal By, select Investing Goal.
  • To organize the Investment Performance Graph by goal, choose Reports menu > Investing > Investment Performance, then click Show Graph, if the graph is not already displayed.

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