How to Edit an Account

  1. On your keyboard, hold down Ctrl+A to bring up the Account List (or Tools > Account List).
  2. Click on either Edit or Edit details to the right of the account to wish to edit.
  3. In the Account Details dialog, change the account information as necessary.
  4. To change or activate online services, click the Online Services tab of the Account Details dialog.
  5. To change the tax information for this account, click Tax Schedule Info.
  6. When done, click OK to save your changes.


Is there anything I can't change from this window?

  • You cannot edit the financial institution information for an account that has been activated for online account services. To do this, you must first disable online account access, make the changes, and then re-enable it.
  • Once you have created an account, you cannot change its type (for example, you cannot change an asset account to a 401(k) account), with the following exceptions:
    • If you have an asset account, you can upgrade it to a house or vehicle asset account.
    • If you have a tax-deferred investment account in a previous version of Quicken, you can upgrade it to a Quicken IRA or 401(k) account (Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business only).
    • If you change the name of an account, Quicken changes any transfer transactions involving this account to show the new name.

I want to activate an account for online services

Follow the instructions found in the Getting Started section of help.

I want to update a 401(k) account

Depending on how you have set up the account in Quicken, it may be preferable to use the 401(k) Update wizard to make changes to an existing account.

I want to make changes to a loan

For changes to a loan, the recommended procedure is to edit the loan.

I want to add a linked checking account

You can use the Account Details dialog to add a linked checking account for most types of existing investment accounts. Quicken prompts you to back up your data file before the linked checking account is created.