How To Edit the Year-to-date Amounts Entered When a Paycheck is Created

You can edit the year-to-date amounts only if you entered year-to-date amounts for your paycheck when you set your paycheck up. If you did not enter year-to-date amounts when you set up your paycheck, the only way to add them now is to delete your existing paycheck and create a new one. If you have been tracking your paycheck for the entire current tax year, you will not be able to enter year-to-date amounts.

To edit year-to-date amounts:

  1. Click on Planning on the top menu bar (Tax menu in older versions), then select Tax Planner.
  2. Click Wages.
  3. If the Wages and Salary table does not appear, click Show Details.
  4. In the Num column, locate the transaction(s) labeled YTD.
  5. Double-click each transaction.
  6. In the Paycheck Year-To-Date Amounts dialog, make any necessary changes, and then click Enter.

Note: The YTD entry does not appear until you have entered your first paycheck into a register. The YTD figures displayed will be the YTD figures you have entered, minus the amounts on the first paycheck you entered. 

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