How To Manage Passwords For Financial Institutions

Your financial institutions may require you to use passwords to access online services. There are two methods of managing financial institution passwords in Quicken. You can enter each password individually (least convenient), or manage multiple passwords in a vault (most convenient and secure).

  • I need to change a password I enter individually

    If Quicken or your financial institution prompts you to change a password, see the first note below. Otherwise:

    In Windows

    1. Click on Tools on the top menu bar, then select One Step Update.
    2. Next to the password you'd like to change, click the key icon.
    3. Enter your current password for this financial institution.
    4. Enter a new password of your choice.
    5. Enter the password again to confirm it.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Click Update Now.

    In Quicken Mac 2015

    1. Click on Accounts on the top menu bar, then choose Update All Online Accounts.
    2. From the Account Status window, click on Update Passwords in the bottom right corner.
    3. Choose the financial institution that you wish to update your password.
    4. Enter your current password, your new password, and confirm the new password.
    5. Click Change Password. The password will be updated and stored.


  • If you are changing your password in response to a financial institution prompt, Quicken displays the Change Assigned Password dialog. Follow steps 3-6 above to fill in the fields provided. Your assigned password is the one your financial institution sent to you after you signed up for online service. If you haven't received your password in a timely manner, call the financial institution.
  • Make sure your new password follows any requirements your financial institution may have for characters or length (for example, all numbers, mixed numbers and letters, and so on).
  • Storing multiple passwords in a vault (Windows only):
    1. Click on Tools on the top menu bar, then select One Step Update.
    2. In the One Step Update dialog, click Manage My Passwords.
    3. What happens now?
      • If you do not have an existing Password Vault, Quicken displays the Password Vault Setup wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the information Quicken requests.
      • If you already have a Password Vault, Quicken opens the Edit Password Vault dialog.
    4. Select the financial institution for which you want to store a password.
    5. If you have more than one account at this financial institution, select the customer ID corresponding to the password you want to store.
    6. Enter the password you use when connecting to this financial institution.
    7. Where do I enter the password?
      • If you are in the Edit Password Vault dialog, click Add Password.
      • If you are in the Password Vault Setup wizard, Quicken prompts you to enter a password.
    8. Enter the password again to confirm it.
    9. In the Password Vault Setup wizard, Quicken will prompt you to enter passwords for each of your One Step Update-activated financial institutions. When you're finished storing passwords, click No.
    10. In the Password Vault Setup wizard, Quicken will prompt you to enter a master password.
    11. Enter the master password again to confirm it.


  • When you use One Step Update from now on, Quicken prompts you to enter only your Password Vault password. The stored passwords are filled in automatically.
  • For security purposes, the password you choose must be at least six characters in length. We suggest that you choose a password that contains:
    • At least one digit (0 to 9)
    • At least one letter (a to z)
  • You can change the Vault password or stored (financial institution) passwords at any time. To completely reset your Password Vault, first print it to obtain a record of the stored passwords. Then, simply delete the Vault and start over again.
  • Passwords for financial institutions you connect to using Web connect do not appear in the Password Vault.

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