How To Review and Accept Updated Online Payments and Transfers

When downloaded payment transactions match the payment instructions you entered in your register when you created the payment, you won't see a Downloaded Transactions list or be asked to compare and accept the downloaded information into your register. This is because the register information is already up to date. When there is a difference between the downloaded information and the original payment instruction, the matching process for online payments and transfers is similar to the one for other types of downloaded transactions.

There may be times when you requested that a payment be processed on a certain date, but it was processed slightly earlier because the requested date did not fall on a business day for your bill pay service provider. During compare to register, Quicken gives you the option to update your register to reflect the actual processing date. Note that to avoid penalties, funds must be available on the day the payment is actually processed.

  1. Open the account you want to work with.
  2. Below the register, make sure that the Downloaded Transactions tab is selected.
  3. In the Downloaded Transactions window, select each transaction.
  4. If there is a corresponding transaction in the account register, compare it with the downloaded version.
  5. Use the Accept, Match, and Ignore buttons that appear below the selected downloaded transactions to accept or modify them as necessary.
    • For transactions marked New
      • An example of a new transaction would be a payment instruction that you entered directly on your bill pay service provider's Web site but did not record in Quicken.
      • If the transaction should be matched to a transaction in your Quicken register, click Match. Quicken opens a window where you can select one or more transactions to be matched.
      • You can edit the transaction in the register (for example, to add a category or memo). (Optional)
    • For transactions marked Updated
      For transactions marked Updated, click Accept. Quicken updates the transaction information in your register.
    • For transactions marked Canceled, Failed, or No Funds
      For transactions marked Canceled, Failed, or No Funds, click Accept. Quicken voids the transaction in your register.



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