How To See 401(k) Summary Information in Quicken Deluxe, Premier, or Home & Business

  1. In the Account Bar list, select the account you want to use.
  2. Click the Summary tab.
  3. The 401(k) Overview tab provides an overview of the holdings, value, vesting, percentage and regular contribution amounts of an individual 401(k) account.
    • Update 401(k) Holdings
      If you download your 401(k) statement from your financial institution, this button will appear. Otherwise:
      • Each time you receive a statement from your 401(k) plan provider, enter the details in your 401(k) account so that your statement and your Quicken account are always in sync.
      • Click the Update 401(k) Holdings button to have Quicken guide you through each step of the update process, which is similar to reconciling (balancing) your checkbook .
    • Undo Last Update
      Updating a 401(k) account is a bit more involved than entering most transactions in Quicken. If you make a mistake and need to undo your last wizard-based update, in the Account Status snapshot, click Options and then Undo Last Update. Quicken erases all the transactions from your last wizard-based update, and you can start over again using your last statement. (You can repeat this process for as many past statements as necessary.)
    • 401(k)/403(b) Account Holdings
      This snapshot shows your 401(k)/403(b) holdings as of a certain date.
    • Snapshots
      The remaining snapshots shown on this page are similar to the snapshots shown on the Summary tab for any other investing account. Note that the Investing Activity snapshot (near the bottom of the screen) displays a summary of this account's year-to-date activity, as well as any related capital gains information.


If your employer previously didn't contribute to your 401(k) but now does, edit your account to reflect this change. Choose Tools menu > Account List, and then select the account and click Edit.

The Market Value Allocation graph shown in the 401(k) view in previous versions of Quicken has been replaced by the Allocation by Security graph on the Performance & Analysis tab.

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