How To Track a 401(k) / 403(b) Account


Account type Advantages Disadvantages
401(k) account You can track just dollar amounts or actual shares, depending on the level of detail on your 401(k) statement.
  • You can download transaction-level detail from many financial institutions.
  • If you can't download transactions from your 401(k) financial institution, but your financial institution's statement or Web site provides transaction-level details, you can manually enter 401(k) transactions in the investment transaction list.
  • If you prefer simpler and less frequent wizard-based updates, you can track statement-level detail only using the 401(k) Update wizard. (You can always decide to include more detail later.)
Not available in Quicken Basic. (Quicken Basic users: Add this and other valuable tools to your program in minutes.)

To set up a 401(k) account, see Set up a Quicken 401(k) account.

If you have Quicken Deluxe or Home & Business and you've been using a tax-deferred investment account to track a 401(k) in previous Quicken versions, convert it now to use the improved 401(k) features.