How to Use the Accounts Tab to Customize a Report

Depending on the type of report or graph you are creating, Quicken may display only certain accounts. You can control which accounts are included in a report or graph by modifying the accounts selected in the Quicken Account list.

Select Account Groups (transaction reports only)

Select the type of account you want to include in the report or graph. Your options are:

Option Result
All Accounts

Includes all your accounts.

To mark all account types or clear all account types at one time with the Mark All and Clear All buttons, select All Accounts first. Otherwise, the only account type affected is the account type displayed in the Account list when you click the Mark All or Clear All button.

Business (only in Quicken Home & Business) Includes invoice, bill, and business tax accounts
Cash Flow Includes spending and credit card accounts.
Investing Includes investment and retirement accounts.
Property & Debt Includes asset and liability accounts.


Select Accounts

Select the accounts you want to include in the report or graph. Including an account means that the transactions from that account will be computed as part of the report or graph.


For each type of report or graph, Quicken selects certain accounts for inclusion. For example, when you create a cash flow report, Quicken includes all banking, cash, and credit card accounts. When you create a capital gains report, Quicken includes all investment accounts that are NOT tax deferred.

Show (hidden accounts)

Select this check box to include in the Select Accounts list the accounts you have hidden in the Quicken Account List. When you do this, Quicken surrounds the name of the hidden accounts with parentheses. If you do not want a specific hidden account included in report totals, check the check box next to it.

Click to clear this check box to exclude from the Select Accounts list the accounts hidden in the Quicken Account List.

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