How To Use Online Services for Certificate of Deposit (CD) and Loan Accounts

The online banking system (OFX) used by Quicken and other personal finance software does not include definitions for CD or loan accounts. It is possible to configure OFX to allow downloads for CD and loan accounts. These configuration changes must be made on the financial institution server, not in the Quicken software.

If you are a Quicken user, contact your financial institution to learn if you can download CD and loan accounts.

If you are a financial institution, the following information shows you how to configure your server to allow CD and loan accounts to download to Quicken.

Since the OFX specification does not include definitions for CD accounts or loan accounts, the OFX server will need to map these accounts to a supported account type (most commonly, with a SAVINGS or CREDITLINE account tag value).

Map CD accounts to a SAVINGS tag value.


Map loan accounts to a CREDITLINE tag value. While this is not entirely accurate, there are many similarities between the account types.


If you have questions about configuring the OFX server for CD and loan accounts, contact us at Note: This email address is intended for financial institution use only.