How To Verify a Quicken Bill Pay Payment Was Sent

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Quicken Bill Pay offers you two different ways to confirm that a payment has been sent.

You can verify that a payment has been sent using the Quicken program.

  1. Choose Tools menu > Online Center.
  2. In the Financial Institution list, select Quicken Bill Pay.
  3. If you make payments from more than one account, in the Account list, select the correct account.
  4. Locate the payment in question, and click to select it. In the Status column, click the link to see the status of a payment.

You can also verify a payment has been sent on the Quicken Bill Pay Web site.

  1. Log in to Quicken Bill Pay at You will need your user ID and password.
  2. Click the Payment Activity tab, and search for the payment.
  3. The status of the payment is shown in the Status column.
  4. If you are unable to verify that a payment was sent using these steps, you can contact the payee to see if they received it.

You may also contact Quicken Bill Pay at (877) 486-8844 to verify that a payment has been sent.

Some customers using VOIP telephone services have reported problems connecting to the Quicken Bill Pay support number. In some cases, disconnecting and dialing again connects successfully. If you are not able to contact us using your VOIP service, please call from a land line, cell phone or contact us at

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