HSBC Change of Service Procedure

HSBC has elected to discontinue the support of Web Connect (QFX) downloads from their website for import into Quicken.

Express Web Connect in Quicken Windows will continue to be supported. Your HSBC account(s) in Quicken will need to be upgraded from Web Connect to Express Web Connect, if you are not already using that connection method.

To enable an account in Quicken Windows for Express Web Connect and use One Step Update:

  1. In the Account list, right-click the desired account and select Edit/Delete Account.
  2. When the Accounts Details window opens, click the Online Services tab.
  3. In the One Step Update section
    • In Quicken 2011: click the Activate One Step Update button. This enables the account.
    • In Quicken 2012 & 2013: click Set up now.
  4. When the Quicken Account Setup window appears, enter the Customer ID and Password you use with your financial institution, and then click Next.

Your account is now set up to obtain any new transactions from your financial institution using Express Web Connect.

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