Key Bugs Fixed and Closed for Quicken for Windows 2016

We are committed to quality and delivering a great user experience.  We've made improvements to provide even greater stability and efficiency to Quicken 2016 for Windows.

Help Content

  • Learn More link on “Restore From Backup File” window doesn’t provide information about Online Backup
  • Help > Submit Feedback to Quicken link navigates to blank page

File Management

  • Quicken is not remembering the user choice to Add Date to the backup file name after changing the location of the backup file.


  • "Description" label is not properly displayed in the “Add Transfer Reminder” dialogue box
  • Loan reminders for future payments show the interest amount twice in the budget


  • Reconcile > Posting Date column updated to be blank for manual transactions
  • Date field is set to 0/0/1900 after deleting transactions on the Reconcile dialogue
  • An incorrect balance is used when reconciling an investing account with transfers

Updating Transactions

  • Update Accounts” button doesn’t update the accounts on “Edit accounts settings” dialogue
  • After disconnecting and reconnecting to the network, a "Something Went Wrong!” error message displays when trying to add an account
  • Adding an Online Account doesn’t work properly if the “Back” button is clicked


  • Saved reports don’t open from the reports menu if they’re saved in customized folders


  • "TooManyTxnsException" error when syncing an account with a large number of transactions
  • Mobile Sync doesn’t work and prompts for "Deletion of Cloud Data" even if the cloud data has already been deleted
  • Unable to modify or remove a budget after it's synced with cloud on some data files
  • Cloud Sync generates sync errors with renaming rules


  • If the register is sorted in ascending date order, a newly added transaction doesn’t correctly display the categorization dropdowns.
  • Account Bar, Date and Calculator Popup aren’t working
  • Quicken add an blank line when switching between one line register display and two line register display
  • Using Find after right-clicking in the Register doesn’t work properly
  • When a transaction is deleted, the Investment register incorrectly scrolls to the bottom of the register
  • Incorrect “ding” sound after pressing CTRL+S or CTRL+N in the register
  • Unable to select a transaction category when a transaction is entered while the Account Bar is minimized
  • The "Check#" dropdown list is cropped, truncating the "Next Check Number" value
  • The column width in portfolio view changes when the user clicks “OK” on the customize window even if nothing is changed
  • Create New” custom account group button is not working properly
  • Clearing a search in the register by clicking on the red "x" doesn’t go to the correct transaction in the register
  • The register is incorrectly sorted when the user clicks on the main menu
  • Up/Down arrow keys are not working in the QuickFill dropdown list
  • Shortcut Keys aren’t working properly in Windows 10
  • When the register is sorted in descending order, clicking the red “x” button in the "Search" box creates a blank transaction


  • When the category is set to Transfer, the Memorized Payee isn’t memorized
  • Condensing the category to only display the summary line is not saved correctly


  • Categories import incorrectly from a .QXF file created in Quicken Mac
  • Incorrect information is displayed in Categories after conversion
  • Truncated text displays on the data conversion dialogue
  • Deleted files are shown in "Find Quicken Files" dialogue
  • Account totals are mismatched in credit card accounts after importing a .QXF file


  • Updated mileage tracker rates
  • Mileage rate used in the "Itemized Deduction Estimator" for medical mileage is incorrect
  • Fixed issue with TurboTax 2014 file import being unsupported in Quicken 2015
  • Made yearly Tax Planner changes



  • Property & Debt snapshots are not displayed in the Business Center > Account Overview tab
  • The Customer/Vendor Invoice Type dropdown list has truncated text

Intuit ID/Password

  • Add Account and Intuit ID registration/sign page hangs after attempting to log in
  • Unable to sign in or create a new Intuit Id from Quicken
  • “Forgot Password” option on the Sign In dialogue is not working correctly
  • "No Internet Connection Available" error message displayed after attempting to log in
  • "An unknown error occurred. Please try to connect later" error message displayed after attempting to log in to Quicken without network access
  • "Quicken cannot use blank password" error message displayed when trying to change the data file password from the “Manage Data File Password” dialogue box
  • Quicken prompts user for a password, even if there is no Intuit ID associated with the data file
  • There’s an extra bullet point on the “Sign in as a different user” screen



  • Long term Capital Gains are incorrectly taxed at 5% for the 10% and 15% income brackets
  • Increased the length of the “Security Name” field
  • The Symbol column size is not adjustable in the Security List
  • “Get Started” button on Portfolio X-Ray page displays an error message in Windows 10
  • Portfolio View > Investment Data incorrectly showing 0.00 yield for all holdings
  • Changing the column width of one investment register affects all investment registers
  • Entering an investment transaction with the calculator window open blocks the security list
  • Market values over ten digits is not contributing to the Allocations cash total



  • Test is truncated on “Sanitize your data file” dialogue.
  • Test on Debt Reduction Planner “What If” graph, is overlapping
  • Quicken window flashes if maximized
  • Placeholder entry snapshot is not displayed on the Home tab
  • Quicken planner doesn’t display correctly if the rate of return is set to 100%
  • After clicking on “Add-On Services”, the window title bar incorrectly shows “Tips & Tutorials”
  • Column Headers and Columns don’t wrap the text in the Portfolio view
  • Help > About Quicken doesn’t resize when the display is set to “Use Large Fonts”
  • The Saving Goal account group isn’t aligned properly in account list pane
  • The Check Number list covers the column field



  • Quicken launcher stops working if user tries to launch Quicken after installation without restarting Windows
  • Windows 10: "Stop running this Script?" error message displayed and Quicken stops responding when program is left open for an extended amount of time
  • Invalid error message displayed "Quicken unable to open the data file"
  • Connection Error displayed when trying to add a new security from security list in Windows 10
  • Quicken tabs navigation is very slow or hangs when opening a large data file in Windows 10
  • Tutorials page displays an error
  • Add-on Services page “learn more” link displays an error


  • Quicken crashes after clicking "I am new" button on the Intuit Account Manager screen
  • Quicken crashes after converting a data file
  • Quicken crashes when requesting quotes using Portfolio X-Ray
  • Quicken crashes when opening a new data file from the Investing tab
  • File validation improvements to resolve COM errors and crashes
  • Quicken Converter crashes on launch
  • Quicken crashes when the file name contains more than 208 characters
  • Quicken crashes after deleting the categories from a new created data file
  • Quicken crashes after clicking on the Close button after sanitizing a data file
  • Quicken crashes after exiting Quicken from multiple tabs in the product
  • Quicken crashes after clicking on File > Exit
  • Quicken hangs after clicking Alt + F4 on the keyboard
  • Quicken crashes after the user is prompted to sign out of Intuit Account Manager after an upgrade
  • Quicken hangs during One Step Update for specific account types
  • Quicken crashes in the manual account creation wizard when Quicken fails to connect to the bank
  • Quicken crashes after Installation / Updating


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