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Minimize your taxes with LifeYield Tax Optimizer!

Minimizing taxes can significantly increase your returns across your entire investment portfolio – why let taxes limit your portfolio growth any more than they have to? LifeYield Tax Optimizer helps investors with both taxable accounts (such as a brokerage) and tax-qualified accounts (such as a 401(k), 403(b) or IRA) to minimize future investment taxes.

  • Finds the most tax-efficient strategy for distributing your target asset allocation across your accounts.
  • Suggests the trades to put that strategy into practice; sales of your existing holdings are combined with general asset category buys, leaving you in control of buying the investments you prefer.
  • Monitor your portfolio for alignment with your target asset allocation, and for optimal tax efficiency.
  • Works across all of your investment accounts, even when you have accounts managed by someone other than yourself.
  • Fully integrated into Quicken.


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