Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007 Keeps Prompting PIN Change

Some accounts activated for Direct Connect in Quicken Mac 2007 (Lion Compatible - v. 16.1.x) will prompt for "PIN Change", even after submitting a new password (aka PIN). This issue is due to two conditions:

  1. The financial institution (FI) is transmitting a tag advising that Password Change is required (PINCHREQ=Y);
  2. An old defect from an older Quicken Mac product was pushed into the forefront when Quicken Mac 2007 was made Lion Compatible.

This issue is most prevelant when Bill Pay service with the financial institution is activated in the Quicken file.


Disable Bill Payment for the account before performing the Online Update. If you have bill payments to send, the work-around would be to create your bill payment instructions on the financial institutions website and allow the financial institution to download the posted transaction.

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