Logo not Printing on Statement in Portrait Mode


When printing a statement from an invoice or an estimate, your logo may not print.


If 52 characters or more are entered in the first line of the company address, your logo will not print on the invoice or estimate.  Please enter 51 characters or less in the first line to resolve this issue.

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04/05/2010 11:36:43 AM - Mitch Bayersdorfer:

Please work with CP3 to create a FAQ on this.

03/31/2010 05:57:58 PM - Salil Koli:

Logo size shrinks depending on the number of characters in the address field.

In this scenario, the width of the window where the logo is shown goes in negative. Hence, the logo is not shown.

As per discussion with George & Mitch, for R9 we should create a FAQ for this issue mentioning the scenarios where the Logo won't be shown (like Logo should be only of BMP type, Address is so wide that Logo can't be fit onto the page etc.)

In 2010, we should look for some better solution to address this issue.

Hence, rejecting this issue for R9.

03/31/2010 12:38:06 PM - Mitch Bayersdorfer:

Could you please take a look at this?  Thanks.

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