Making Payments Before They Are Due Using Quicken Bill Pay

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Important: This FAQ refers to Quicken Bill Pay, a service that will be discontinued on August 31st, 2020. Our new service, Quicken Bill Manager, is now available for paying your bills directly from Quicken. For more information about switching to Quicken Bill Manager, click here.


You can schedule a payment up to a maximum of one year in advance of the due date. There are also limits on how soon a payment can be scheduled.

Most payments take two business days to process but may take as many as four business days. The number of business days required to process a payment is called the lead time. The lead time is determined by Quicken Bill Pay's relationship with the payee.

The date for a scheduled payment must be at least as many days in the future as the lead time. For example, a payee with a lead time of two days must be scheduled at least two business days in the future.

The first time a payee is used, the lead time is four days. If the payee accepts electronic payments, the lead time is two days for subsequent payments.


To schedule a payment in advance of its due date using the Quicken Bill Pay website:

  1. Log in to using your user ID and password.
  2. Click the Bills & Payments tab, and then click Make a payment to any payee.
  3. Complete the Amount and Deliver By fields for each payment you would like to make.
    Note: The Deliver By field does not allow you to schedule payments sooner than the lead time allows. You cannot schedule payments more than one year in advance.
  4. Click Make Payments.

To schedule a payment in advance of its due date using the Quicken software:

  1. Start Quicken, and choose Tools menu >
    Online Center.
  2. In the Financial Institution list, select Quicken Bill Pay.
  3. In the Account list, select the account to make the payment from.
  4. Complete the Payee, Amount, Category and Memo (optional) fields.
  5. Select a delivery date.
    Note: Quicken does not allow you to schedule a payment sooner than the payee lead time allows. To see lead times for all your payees, choose Tools menu > Online Payee List. You cannot schedule a payment more than one year in advance.
  6. Verify that all information is correct, and click Enter.
  7. In the upper-right part of the
    Online Center, click Update/Send to send the payment instructions to Quicken Bill Pay.
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