Match Securities

The Match Securities dialog appears only if you've downloaded a security that Quicken is unable to match to one of your existing Quicken securities. (Quicken automatically matches a downloaded security if it has the exact same name or ticker symbolas one of your Quicken securities.)

  • Ticker Symbol
    A combination of letters that uniquely identifies a security in your Quicken investment portfolio. Often it is an abbreviated version of the company or mutual fund name, for example, INTU for Intuit, or VTSMX for Vanguard Total Stock Market Index.

All downloaded securities must be matched before Quicken can compare downloaded transactions to your transaction list and identify new and matched transactions.

  1. Compare the security listed at the top of the Match Securities dialog to the securities listed in the field and look for the same security. (For example, the downloaded security labeled Intuit Inc. might be the same as Intuit.)
  2. If you find the same security (with a slightly different name) in the field:
    • Click Yes.
    • Click Next.

    If you don't have a security in your Quicken list that's the same as the downloaded security, click No.
    Quicken creates a security for you with the same name as the downloaded security. You can change the name if you want. (Quicken accepts security names of up to 30 characters.)

  3. If there are no more securities to match, click Done.