Message: LA1058 When Using the Quicken Online Backup Service


The following error message occurs when using the Quicken Online Backup service:

Error LA1058


This message indicates that a high volume of customers are trying to connect to the online backup servers at the same time. The backup servers are designed to balance the connection load to prevent a slowdown of service. Each request sits in a queue in the order it is received, and until an open space is available.


Let the Online Backup or restore process continue running.

Note: Stopping and restarting this process will only force the request to the end of the queue which can cause the request to take even longer to complete.

If the Online Backup process is scheduled, change the scheduled backup time to run an hour earlier or later than the currently set scheduled backup time.

To setup a scheduled Online Backup:

  1. Click the Microsoft Windows Start button, and select Programs > Online Backup > Online Backup.
  2. Click the Schedule button.
  3. Select the Schedule Backup option, and then select the days and times that are optimal for your backup needs.
  4. Click Save.

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