Mobile Sync Reports Cannot Connect

When attempting to performing a mobile sync for Direct Connect activated accounts. to your financial institution in Quicken 2013, you may receive the following message: A connection to your financial institution could not be established. Try again in a few days."

We have resolved several conditions that caused this issue to occur.  Confirm that you're on the latest release of Quicken 2013

  • What if the One Step Update Fails?

    If One Step Update does not complete for the financial institution you are attempting the mobile sync:

      If Quicken is unable to complete a One Step Update for the financial institution this account is held, Quicken will not be able to verify account information necessary to setup/use Mobile Sync. To determine if there is a problem with updates for this financial institution in your Quicken file:
    1. Go to Tools > One Step Update Summary and see if an error is reported for any accounts with this financial institution.
    2. Check the Connlog for errors:

If the error persists after you have confirmed you are on the latest release, please contact Quicken Support for further assistance.

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