Multi-Factor Authentication or Secure Login

What is Secure Login?

Secure Login is security measure that is used to make it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access a computer, network or database. If one factor (such as a password) is compromised or broken, the attacker still has at least one more barrier to breach (such as an email account or access to the target's mobile phone) before successfully breaking into the target.

How does Secure Login affect me?

When Secure Login is enabled you will be required to enter a security code the first time you use Quicken Connected Services (for example, when updating your accounts).

You will be prompted to login with your Intuit ID and then you will be sent a security code via email (or mobile phone if you've added a mobile phone number to your Intuit profile). You must then enter this security code in Quicken before proceeding with your download.


Do I have to use Secure Login each time I update my Accounts?

No. You will be challenged after Secure Login is turned on or when you use a new computer. After that, you will only need to complete Secure Login about every two weeks.

Can I control the email address or phone number used for secure login?

Yes. Your Secure Login security code will be sent to either the email address or mobile phone number associated with your Intuit ID.

To update your email address or mobile phone number go to:

  • Quicken > Preferences > Connected Services
  • Then click Update Email or Intuit ID
  • You can also visit the Quicken Profile Management page directly in your web browser.

For more about tips and security awareness measures, visit Intuit Security

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