"Name already in use" when creating an account or category

The name you entered is already used by an account or category. An account and category can't have the same name; for example, both a category and an account can't be named Cash.

If you deleted an account to make its name available and still can't use the name, Quicken may not have updated the file correctly. To update the file:

  1. Choose Tools menu > Category List.
  2. In the left pane, click Transfers.
  3. If you see the account name that you thought you deleted, select it and press the DEL key.
  • What happens now?
    • If the account actually exists, Quicken does not allow you to delete it from the Category List. You must delete accounts from the Account List.

    • If the account does not exist, Quicken allows you to delete it from the Category List. Delete the account and try again to set up the new account.


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