Nothing is Printing Within Quicken

If nothing prints from Quicken, here are some things to check:

  • Try printing from WordPad or Notepad (a place outside of Quicken) to ensure that Windows is communicating with your printer.  If you cannot print outside of Quicken, please contact your printer manufacture. 
  • Ensure your printer cartridge has been installed properly.
  • Make sure your printer is online.  You can print a "Test Page" in your printer properties if this does not print, ensure all cables are securely attached.
  • If your printer is on a network, ensure your network allows you permission to the printer.
  • Be sure you've selected the correct printer in Quicken. (From within Quicken, choose File menu > Printer Setup, select the item you want to print, and check the Printer field. For example, if you're printing a report, choose File menu > Printer Setup > For Reports/Graphs.)
  • If you're printing to paper, ensure you haven't selected the PDF Printer (Quicken PDF Printer).
  • If you have more than one printer, try selecting another printer as the default. (Choose Start button > Settings > Printers and Faxes, select another printer, and choose File menu > Set as Default Printer.)
  1. Choose Start button > Programs > Accessories > WordPad.
  2. Enter some text into a file.
  3. Choose File menu > Print.

 If you can't print through WordPad, there may be a problem with printing in Windows operating system environment

  1. Choose Start button > Help.
  2. Select a troubleshooting topic for printers.

If WordPad prints and Quicken doesn't

  1. Try reinstalling the printer (driver), making sure that the printer name doesn't contain the word "on."  You may need to contact your printer manufacture for guidance.
  2. Contact Quicken Help & Support.

Additional help is also available on the Web at Quicken Help & Support.

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