Noting or Flagging a Register Transaction

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You may wish to add a note or follow-up flag to a register transaction and would like to understand how to do this and tips to maintain them.


  1. Open the account register that contains the transaction you want to add a note or follow-up flag to.
  2. Click anywhere in the transaction to select it.
  3. Click on Edit on the top menu bar, select Transaction, then choose Notes and flags.
  4. Use the form provided to add a note and/or colored follow-up flag to the transaction.
  5. Click OK.


  • Quicken adds the note or flag icon in the date field of this transaction.
  • Move the mouse over the icon to view the text of the note.
  • You can assign different colors to flags, but Quicken attaches no inherent meaning by color.
  • When the Follow up by option is selected, an alert will be put in the Alerts snapshots on the Quicken Home page and in the appropriate center (for example, the Cash Flow Center for a checking or credit card account). The alert first appears on the selected day.
  • You cannot add a note or follow-up flag in an investment account.
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