One Step Update Does Not Respond or Freezes During an Online Session

This problem can occur if the Internet connection is interrupted, or a server error occurs.

  1. Your system date and time need to be accurate. Secure connections with online banking services, as well as the portfolio export feature, may fail to connect if the system date and time are incorrect:
    1. In the One Step Update window, click Stop Update.
    2. Double-click on the clock (the time) in the lower-right corner of your desktop.
    3. Correct the date and time, and then click OK.
  2. Make sure that the Internet connection is configured properly in the Quicken program:
    1. Click on View and make sure Classic Menu is selected (you can change it back when we're done).
    2. Then select Tips & Tutorials and choose Quicken Services.
    3. If the page does not appear, check your Internet firewall settings. In addition, verify that there is no interference from spyware, adware, or downloadable toolbars.
    4. If the embedded Web browser does not open, reinstall Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.
  3. Wait an hour or so then try the One Step Update again. Server-generated errors and issues generally clear within about 24 hours.
  4. Create a new Quicken data file and attempt the same update with the new file. If a new file is able to perform the update action, it may indicate a fault in the original data file. It is possible that a server is having trouble interpreting valid data entries contained in the original data set.
    1. Restore a recent backup of your data file from before the issue started to occur, and then try the update again.
    2. If you have not manually backed up your data file, restore one of Quicken's automatic backups. (Unless you specify otherwise, Quicken makes a historical copy of your data every seven days and stores five of these copies in the Quicken/BACKUP folder.)

Note: Since the size of a new data file is unlikely to be the same size as the original, data damage may not be the issue.

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