Online Backup Data File Restoration and Location


You may want to understand what the default location is for Online Backups and how to change this location.


The default location for Online Backups is C:\@Restore.  In some circumstances, this location does not function properly or you may wish to change this location to a better suited location for your backups.

To change your online backup location:

  1. Click on Start, choose All Programs (or Programs),  then select Online Backup, then finally Online Backup once again.
  2. Click on Restore on the toolbar. To the right, there will be two tabs: Files and Destination.  The Files tab shows your that have been backed up.
    Online Backup Data File Restoration and Location
  3. Click on the plus symbol (+) to expand the directory and select the files that you would like to restore.  Once you select the file(s), the number and size of the selected files can be seen on the left.
      Online Backup Data File Restoration and Location
  4. Underneath the Files Selected is the Destination Directory.  To change this location, click on the Destination tab, select the radio dial Restore to new directory, then click Browse.  
    Online Backup Data File Restoration and Location
  5. Once you have navigated to the correct destination location, click on the Start Restore button at the bottom to start the restore process.
  6. When the restore process is complete, you will receive a confirmation message.

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