Online Backup Error: LA2261: CapExceeded


When attempting to create an online backup, you may receive the following message:

LA2261: CapExceeded


The message is caused by running out of backup disk space.


Upgrade the storage space on your account or deselect files from within the backup set; and run the backup again.

How to include or exclude files from your backup plan:

  1. From the Quicken Online Backup client application, click the Backup button.
  2. Click the Files tab and then put a checkmark next to the items you wish to be backed up (and in your data set). Remove the checkmark to de-select it from backup.
  3. In the lower right corner of this screen you can see how many files are selected for backup and how many megabytes they equal. This information is also available on the left hand side in the red sidebar.
  4. Once a file has been excluded from the backup, set *(no longer selected). It will become unavailable for restore in 7 days from the date of the last backup.
  5. After you run a backup, go into the program and look in the Restore screen to verify that the data that you wanted to backup is visible there. That is the surest way to know that your backup completed successfully.

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