Online Backup Error: LA2269: InvalidFileSize


When attempting to work with Online Backup, you may receive the following message:

LA2269: InvalidFileSize


One of the configuration files that Quicken Online Backup uses is either zero in length, less than 16 bytes in length, or is corrupt.  The message does not have any relation to the data limit or the amount of files being backed up.


  1. Click on the Start button and select Find or Search.
  2. Select For Files and Folders.
  3. When the next screen comes up, enter *.@DB where it says Named.
  4. Where it says Look In, select Local Disk or C: and click Find or Search Now.
  5. The search results should find at least one file. The @DB files have a computer-generated name ending with the @DB extension, e.g., 01C227E5E51876D6.@DB.
  6. Delete each match found.
  7. Run a manual backup. It will then connect to the server and retrieve an updated @DB file.

Note: These directions are only to fix this specific error. Altering or removing any other portion of the Quicken Online Backup program may have unforeseen results and is done at your own risk.

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