Online Backup Error LA2816: HostNameNotFound


When attempting to run an online backup you may receive the following message:

LA2816: Internet DNS lookup failed for; check Internet connection


LA2816: HostNameNotFound


If you are attempting to install or use the Online Backup software behind a firewall (for example, on an office computer).


Software based firewalls such as the Windows Firewall, Norton Internet Security or McAfee work using software rules. Typically you will be prompted to allow Quicken Online Backup to connect to the Internet when it attempts to make its first outside connection. In some instances a connection rule does not get automatically created or assigned the correct settings to permit programs to connect to the internet.

If you are not familiar with configuring firewalls, please contact your Network Administrator or firewall manufacturer with this information. If you are using the Online Backup software on a home computer, please refer to the security product’s documentation if you are unsure how to verify or make this change manually.

If you are still having difficulties, please contact the Quicken Support Team.

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