Overview Page and Reports are not working properly after purchase from Mac App Store

If you are experiencing an issue viewing or using the Overview page and/or reports with the New Quicken Mac 2015 app downloaded from the Mac App store, we have a work around.

This issue was fixed in an update. Update your Quicken Mac 2015 program to fix this issue. 

  1. Open Quicken (if automatic updates are on a notice will pop up)
  2. Click the Quicken drop down menu
  3. Select Check for Updates...
  4. Follow update screen instructions

If the update doesn't work for you try this work around. Zip the Quicken application, remove the application, then unzip the Quicken application.  Here are the steps:

  1. Open your Applications in the finder
  2. Control + Click on the Quicken 2015 application
  3. Select Compress “Quicken 2015” (you will see the zip file appear below the app)
  4. Next Control + Click again on the Quicken 2015 application 
  5. Select Move to Trash
  6. Go to your Trash Control + Click and select Empty Trash
  7. Double-click on the Quicken 2015.zip file (wait while it unzips)
  8. Once you see the Quicken 2015 application double-click on it to open the program

Once the program is working properly you will need to remove the zip file. 

  1. Control + Click on the Quicken 2015.zip file in the Applications folder 
  2. Go to your Trash Control + Click and select Empty Trash



We are currently working on a permanent fix to this issue with Apple.

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