Project your account balances (personal)

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The Lowest Balance Forecast projects the lowest balance for an account based on your current account balance, future transactions that you've already entered into your register, and future bill and income reminders during the time period you specify.

The Projected Balances graph displays a forward-looking estimate of the total amount of money in your spending accounts, plotted against time. Using it you can see when you’ll have money, when you won’t, and when you might need to think of creative ways to “smooth the graph out” so you don’t end up underwater before your next paycheck.

  • To see the Lowest Balance Forecast
    1. Open the register or transaction list you want to check the balance for.

    2. If necessary, select the Bill & Income Reminders tab below the register or transaction list.

    3. You'll see the lowest balance date and amount in the Lowest Balance Forecast link at the bottom of the snapshot.

    4. Click the Lowest Balance Forecast link to set the date range you want the lowest balance link to consider. (Optional) 

    • What else can I change?
      Select from the options provided (for example, for the next 30 days or for the period of time prior to when I receive my next paycheck). The Never display the lowest balance option reduces the link to a placeholder (Quicken will not display a date or a value in that link because it is not calculating the lowest balance).
  • To see the Projected Balances graph
    1. Click the Bills tab.

    2. If necessary, click the Projected Balances button.

    3. Use the filters above the graph to change the accounts and time range that the graph displays.

    About the Projected Balances graph:
    • A green dot marks a date on which you have transactions that maintain a positive account balance. Click a green dot to see them.
    • A yellow triangle marks a date on which you have transactions that create a negative account balance. Click a yellow triangle to find the cause.
    • Do you see yellow triangles? If you find yourself short on cash month after month, it’s probably time to admit that you’re over-spending. Don’t get discouraged! Categorize your transactions and use the Spending tab and Cash Flow report to look for opportunities to cut back.

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