Quicken 2015 for Mac Release Notes

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Mac 2015
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CRITICAL SECURITY UPDATE (Quicken 2015 for Mac version 2.7.0 and earlier)

Required Security Update
  • The security of our products remains our top priority at Quicken and we will continue to invest to ensure our products have industry-leading protection. As such, we are implementing a required update to our login process to safeguard customers’ sensitive information.
Customers using Quicken for Mac 2015 v2.6.3 or earlier will be unable to login to Quicken after Secure Login is enabled.
  • To ensure uninterrupted usage of Quicken for Mac 2015, you MUST install the latest 2.7.0 (or newer) version.
Why do I need to install this update?
  • In 2.7.0, we updated our sign-in and sign-up process to enable an additional level of login security called Multi-Factor Authentication or “Secure Login”. The goal of Secure Login is to make it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access a computer, network or database. If one factor (such as a password) is compromised or broken, the attacker still has at least one more barrier to breach (such as an email account or access to the target’s mobile phone) before successfully breaking into the target.
  • Beginning in November, all customers will require Quicken for Mac 2015 version 2.7 or newer, which supports Secure Login, in order to access Connected Services such as transaction, balance, and quote download.
What is Secure Login?
  • When Secure Login is enabled in the coming months you will be required to enter a security code the first time you use Quicken Connected Services (for example, when updating your accounts).
  • You will be prompted to login with your Intuit ID and then you will be sent a security code via email (or mobile phone if you’ve added a mobile phone number to your Intuit profile). You must then enter this security code in Quicken before proceeding with your download.
Do I have to use Secure Login each time I update my Accounts?
  • No. You will be asked once after Secure Login is first turned on. After that, you will only need to complete Secure Login about every two weeks or if you start using Quicken on a different computer.
Do I need to do anything in preparation for Secure Login?
  • Just make sure you include your preferred email address and/or mobile phone number in your Quicken profile. You can update your email address by following these steps:
    • In Quicken 2015, choose the Quicken > Preferences menu item.
    • Click the Connected Services icon in the Preferences window toolbar.
    • Click the Update Email or Intuit ID link to open the accounts.intuit.com web site in your web browser.
  • You can also visit Quicken Profile Management in your web browser.
  • Security and privacy are fundamental to the design of all our products. We appreciate your patience and partnership during this fundamental but necessary security update.

How to Update Quicken

  1. Select the Quicken 2015 Menu > Check for updates.
  2. If an update is available for your software, you'll be presented with the ability to download and install the update.
  3. If your software is already up-to-date, we'll let you know you're up-to-date and which version you're running.

Release 2.9.5

Critical Service Alert: Your connected services will expire on April 30, 2018

On April 30, 2018, your connected services will expire. If you don’t upgrade, you will no longer be able to download transactions, stock quotes, access the mobile app, or get the latest product improvements and security updates.

  • NEW Added a Quicken > Show Current Offers menu to view current Quicken offers.
  • FIXED Fixed a number of stability and reliability issues.

Previous Releases

Release 2.9.4

General bug fixes and improvements

  • NEW Sync Asset accounts between two Macs.
  • IMPROVED Clicking on Edit Accounts in Preferences logs into one's account automatically without having to re-enter credentials.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where check numbers disappeared after syncing with the Quicken Cloud.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where different currency symbols would appear in the Projected Balances chart if there were scheduled transactions using different currencies.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where turning off the Clean-up Payees preference didn't work.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the online balance date didn't get updated if the balance didn't change between downloads. This could affect reconcile and other features that depend on the online balance date.
  • FIXED Fixed a handful of the top crashing issues.

Release 2.9.3

Critical Update for v2.8.8 or Earlier Customers

If you're using v2.8.8 or earlier, please upgrade to continue downloading transactions. Intuit services have ended and you need to migrate your account to the new, secure Quicken Cloud.

Version 2.9.3 has a number of stability improvements.

  • IMPROVED: Improved account connectivity and handling of account errors.
  • IMPROVED: Added a new Fix It button for download error 106 that will allow customers to fix and connect their bank accounts.
  • IMPROVED: Improved a number of error messages. Sometimes approval is required on the bank's website but a number of errors didn't tell customers this fact.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where old Intuit account IDs weren't being cleared from the data file and caused sync errors.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where the wrong date was appearing in the Account Status window for certain accounts.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where the calculator in the account register would inexplicably round to the nearest cent making it impossible to use.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where multi-currency accounts under a single group account didn't work well.

Release 2.9.0, 2.9.1, & 2.9.2 (Critical Update)

To prevent service interruption, update now.
As part of Quicken's separation from Intuit, we will be migrating a number of services from Intuit to the secure Quicken Cloud. If you are not on the latest Quicken version by September 30th, you will lose the ability to

  • Create a new file
  • Make changes to your account
  • Download transactions
  • Use the mobile app

This is a free update

Version 2.9 has a number of feature and stability improvements.

  • NEW: The biggest change is the move to the new Quicken ID and Quicken cloud. After launching Quicken, you will be asked to create a new Quicken ID. You should be able to use the same email address and password that you used for your Intuit ID.
  • NEW: Quicken Connect transactions will now be delivered via the Quicken Cloud. Quicken will set up your accounts so your transactions continue to download without having to re-enter your banking credentials. This only affects Quicken Connect accounts.
  • NEW: As part of this change, Quicken Connect accounts will now download transactions in the background meaning you can continue to use Quicken. Direct Connect accounts including all investment accounts do not currently download in the background.
  • NEW: Moved stock quote updates to download in the background.
  • NEW: Added support for multiple Cloud accounts using the same Quicken ID. This means you don't need different IDs for each file.
  • NEW: There's a new mobile app. You will need a new Quicken mobile app to continue seeing your data. Go to the app store associated with your mobile device to get the latest Quicken mobile app.

In addition to Quicken Cloud features, we also made improvements throughout the product.

A brand new Reconcile experience

We've completely revamped the Reconcile feature. The new Reconcile feature calculates the beginning balance based on all uncleared transactions which is what Quicken Windows and Quicken 2007 does. This will result in a more accurate reconcile experience that makes sure your Quicken balance actually matches your online or statement balance. In the previous reconcile feature, your Quicken balance was not actually used in the reconcile process and could result in errors. This may mean that the first time you use this new feature you'll discover discrepancies that have always existed but weren't obvious when using the old reconcile feature. To quickly fix this, click on the gear icon to Start Fresh or Add an Adjustment.

  • NEW: Choose to reconcile against an online balance or paper statement.
  • NEW: Display only uncleared transactions.
  • NEW: Check or uncheck all transactions with one click.
  • NEW: Added payment and deposit columns in the Reconcile register.
  • NEW: Added payment and deposit totals in the reconcile screen.
  • IMPROVED: Clear column renamed to Clr so that the column can be narrowed.

When this feature was introduced in Quicken for Mac 2016, it caused a lot of pain for customers because the old reconcile allowed transaction errors to be introduced in the file. We wrote a detailed explanation of how Reconcile works in a forum post called Quicken Mac v3.5 Reconcile Troubleshooting.

12-Month Budget Data Entry

  • NEW: You can now enter and create a 12-month budget. In 2015, you will still only be able to see one month at a time but you can plan for an entire year.
  • NEW: Now customize your budget with one-time-only, periodic and recurring monthly expenses.

We added a new feature and fixed a number of Portfolio View issues:

  • NEW: Portfolio Time Machine (As Of Date)
  • See the historical value of your portfolio and individual holdings at a particular point in time.
  • Track your investment performance over the past days, weeks, or years.
  • Gain deeper learning and insights for future investing.
  • IMPROVED: Greatly improved portfolio view performance. Most are seeing at least a 200% speed increase.
  • IMPROVED: Changed investment portfolio so that the number of shares display up to 6 decimal places. (This was a request from kelly1, smayer97, rgw2012, jacobs, billp, canuckguy, and m.c.crockett in Quicken Live Community).
  • IMPROVED: Quicken will automatically add price history for buy and sell transactions if there isn't current quote data for a particular day. This should result in improved charting.
  • IMPROVED: Portfolio view can now expand and fill the entire width of the screen.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed an issue where the security name would overlap the disclosure triangle if the name was really long.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed an issue in Portfolio View where the disclosure triangle would open multiple securities when in investment, brokerage, retirement or education views.
  • BUG FIX: Improved an issue where the chart would show spikes or dips due to stock splits or purchases.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed an issue where short sells and covered calls didn't appear in reports. (Thanks to Mr. Cribb for tracking this down and working with us to fix the issue.)
  • BUG FIX: Fixed the day change value for mutual funds when using Update All (Thanks to jtarver for bringing this to our attention).

We continue to make improvements and stability fixes throughout Quicken:

  • NEW: Now, finally, you can convert your Quicken Windows files (.QDF files) to Quicken Mac without Windows! The Windows to Mac conversion and file import now happens seamlessly on your Mac. No need to have access to a Windows computer or create a transfer (.QXF) file. All you need is your Quicken Windows (.QDF) file.
  • NEW: Now you can export Category Summary and Tax Schedule reports to a CSV file (compatible with Excel, Numbers and other spreadsheets). We've received a lot of requests for this one. Enjoy!
  • NEW: Added ability to create Quick Category and Tag reports by right clicking (CTRL+Click) on a transaction and selecting Report [Category or Tag].
  • IMPROVED: Dramatically reduced file size by eliminating unused data backups stored in the file.
  • IMPROVED: Eliminated width restrictions in reports so they can now expand and take up the full width of the screen.
  • IMPROVED: Updated Category, Tag, and Action screens to be consistent with Payee and Securities.
  • IMPROVED: Added an ability to easily fix a 324 dead account issue. Simply click Setup in Account Status window to fix your account.
  • FIXED: Made a number of general stability improvements.

Version 2.9.1

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Quicken 2015 v2.9.0 on OS X v10.9 (Mavericks).

Version 2.9.2

  • FIXED: Fixed an issue that would cause categories on linked transfers to be lost.
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where deleted splits weren't getting propagated to the Quicken Cloud.
  • FIXED: Improved reliability of a fix for an MFA issue where customers received an MFA code but didn't have a screen to enter the code in.
  • NEW: Created a special Create Quicken ID screen for macOS Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8) customers.

Release 2.8.9 (Critical Update)

  • FIXED: The Intuit product registration service will be shut down on May 31st as part of the separation from Intuit. Without this upgrade, product registration will fail when trying to install on a new computer and you won't be able to use Quicken. Please upgrade now!


Release 2.8.8

General bug fixes:

  • Bug Fix: Changed the way Return of Capital is handled across multiple lots. Before it was based on cost basis. Now it will be based on number of shares.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Add Share transactions mistakenly showed the date added vs acquired.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a sync issue that occurred if mobile and bank transactions were being updated at the same time.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the text for search results in the Custom Report dialog would disappear when selecting the item above it.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a crashing issue that would occur during sync after deleting a transaction with a split transfer using the mobile app.


Release 2.8.7

Lots of stability fixes:

  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the credit limit would sometimes get changed in some Direct Connect accounts.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where transactions were not being auto-categorized for some Direct Connect accounts.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Intuit ID login would fail if using OS X 10.9.
  • Crash: Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing or editing a budget.
  • Crash: Fixed a crash that could occur when updating security prices.
  • Crash: Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging transactions.
  • Crash: Fixed a crash that could occur when a column header tooltip appears in the reconcile window.
  • Crash: Fixed a crash that could occur when searching for a financial institution.
  • Crash: Fixed a crash that could occur when importing some malformed QIF files.
  • Crash: Fixed a crash that could occur when customizing a report and selecting a sub-category that was recently deleted.

Release 2.8.6

General bug fixes and enhancements.

  • Enhancement: Support repeated use of date hot keys.

There are 6 hot keys:

W for beginning of the week
K for end of the week
M for beginning of the month
H for end of the month
Y for beginning of the year
R for end of the year

In 2.8.6, you can repeatedly press this key to increase or decrease the week, month or year. For example, if you press the letter R today, the date will change to 12/31/2016. If you press R again it will change to 12/31/2017. Pressing the letter R will continue to increment the year.

  • Change: In the past 6 months bond face values started appearing incorrectly in the portfolio view for some customers. The reason for this is that some financial institutions changed the way they sent bond information to Quicken resulting in incorrect bond face values. Because of this we've changed the way Quicken calculates bond values which should result in the correct bond value being shown for the vast majority of bonds. However, this change does mean that a small number of bonds such as savings bonds will no longer work correctly. Unfortunately we can't support both. This brings Quicken Mac's bond calculations in line with Quicken Windows. (Thanks to all the Quicken Live Community users that pointed out this issue including mvitulli and ocashery7.)
  • Fixed: Fixed an auto-matching issue that would pick the wrong manually entered transaction after downloading bank information if there was a similar older transaction. (Thanks to Pearl who went out of her way to work with us to solve the issue).
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash that could occur when syncing transaction data from a mobile device that may have missing payee or other important transaction details.
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash that would occur if creating a sub-category on a sub-category.
  • Fixed: Fixed a crash that occurred when choosing a Quicken Connect account as a brokerage.

    Release 2.8.5

    Fixes that improve your Quicken Mac experience

    • Reconcile Starting and Ending Balance no longer defaults to a negative number.
      • Note that you should always enter whole numbers (no negative signs) even in Credit Card accounts. Using a negative number will make it impossible to reconcile properly. Big thanks to all of you that brought this to our attention.
    • Fixed issue where some transfer transactions converted from Quicken Windows could lose their Reconcile/Cleared Status and become set to "Uncleared."
      • Note that you can see the Cleared/Reconciled status of transactions in your account register at any time. At the bottom of your register click Columns option and then check Cleared to turn on this column.

    Uncleared = un-checked (standard check-box)
    Cleared = checked (standard check-box)
    Reconciled = Green Check-mark icon

    To set a Transaction to Reconciled without doing a full reconciliation:

    Display the Cleared column as mentioned above.
    Option + Click on the cleared check-box.

    • Fixed a crash that could occur while generating multiple reports.
    • Fixed an issue where reprinting Checks produced a blank page on OS 10.11 (El Capitan).
    • Fixed an issue where opening balance adjustment could be added when importing a QFX file.
    • Fixed an issue where adding a Direct Connect account that had future-dated Bill Pay transactions (from bank web site) could result in an incorrect balance.

      Release 2.8.4

      Fixes that improve your Quicken Mac experience

      • Security Update: Enhanced the security of the Software Update window (shown when an update is available).
      • Fixed an issue where Day Change and Today's Gain/Loss amounts on Portfolio view were not getting updated if two securities had the same ticker.
      • Fixed an issue where Today's Gain/Loss amount on All Investments Portfolio view was inaccurate because it did not include all accounts.

        Release 2.8.3

        Fixes that improve your Quicken Mac experience

        • Fixed an issue that could cause random crashes after upgrading to OS X v10.11 (El Capitan).
        • Fixed issues where downloading or syncing could show errors 500, 502, 503, or 504.
        • Fixed an issue where Reinvest Dividend transaction totals were inflated in the exported TurboTax (.TXF) file.
        • Fixed an issue where account balances could become invisible in the sidebar.
        • Added Quicken Support contact numbers in Quicken Help menu (Help > Contact Support).

        Release 2.8.2

        Changes that improve your Quicken Mac experience

        • Fixed an issue where switching a Wells Fargo account from Quicken Connect to Direct Connect could show error 409.
        • Fixed an issue where future-dated investment transactions were incorrectly affecting portfolio and market value calculations.
        • Fixed an issue where the Net Worth Over Time and Spending Over Time reports sometimes didn’t show the final month if a custom date range was selected.
        • Fixed an issue where the footer of a printed report or register would be upside down when using OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
        • Fixed an issue where new transactions downloaded in Quicken Connect accounts for an existing payee didn’t always use the category that had been used in the past for that payee.
        • Fixed an issue where MiscExpX transactions imported from a Quicken Windows file were always categorized.
        • Fixed an issue where accounts could sometimes be incorrectly renamed during mobile sync or when downloading a Quicken Connect account.
        • Added an “FI Id” register column that displays the FITID of a transaction for troubleshooting purposes. Choose the View > Columns (...) > FI Id menu item to make it visible.
        • Removed the amount displayed in the top-right corner of the register when viewing the Spending or Income tabs to avoid confusion. The amount was labeled “Net Worth” but the calculation was more complicated than that.
        • Quicken will no longer show the “Alerts” item in the sidebar if mobile sync is disabled.
        • For new accounts, Quicken will no longer recalculate the opening balance adjustment if transactions are added with the same date as the date on which the initial download and balance calculation occurred.
        • Added a tooltip for opening balance adjustment transactions to describe how the adjustment amount is calculated. Adding, deleting, or modifying transactions dated prior to the date reported in the tooltip will recalculate the adjustment amount.

        Release 2.8.1

        Fixes that improve your Quicken Mac experience

        • Fixed an issue where downloading transactions from Wells Fargo could show error 500
        • Fixed an issue where adding an account from a bank that is already associated with an Intuit ID shows a “conflict detected” error
        • Fixed an issue where downloading transactions could show error 410 “The requested resource (id=...) has been deleted”
        • Quicken will now switch to “Overview” (instead of “All Accounts”) after creating a new document
        • Signing in to an existing Intuit ID is now the default option (instead of creating a new Intuit ID) if you have ever entered an Intuit ID in Quicken before
        • Various updates to the built-in documentation (choose the Help > Quicken 2015 Help menu item)

        Release 2.8.0

        • Fixed issue where downloading transactions are not matching, causing duplicates.
        • Fixed issue where the “Last Downloaded” filter didn't display Quicken Connect transactions
        • Fixed issue where adding account(s) failed because duplicated accounts were detected

        Release 2.7.0

        Fixes that improve your Quicken Mac experience

        • Fixed an issue regarding screen freeze when performing refresh.
        • Fixed an issue related to FI status error in fix account flow.
        • Improved “dead” account handling for Quicken Connect.
        • Improved error and status handling for FIs that have MFA.
        • Fixed an issue where the reconcile register might not show all transactions in the account.

        Release 2.6.3

        Important Enhancements and Changes
        • Account Connection Updates
          • Fixed issue connecting accounts when opening files in previous update.

        Release 2.6.2


        Important Enhancements and Changes

        • Quicken Connect Updates
          • We have made security and performance upgrades to the Quicken Connect download service.
          • Added change connection method button for Web Connect Accounts.
        • Enhancements
          • Enhanced capability that allows you to drag-and-drop reordering of transactions within the same date in register.
          • Improved categorization performance.
          • Improved sync error handling.

         Fixes that improve your Quicken Mac experience

        • Fixed multiple crash issues including:
          • Crash when a migrated file with manual transactions are matched with downloaded transactions.
          • Crash when user drags a locked child transfer to another account in the sidebar.
          • Crash when adding Direct Connect accounts or updating an existing Quicken Connect accounts.
          • Crash when closing Preferences window after editing mobile alert summary email pop-up without a network connection.
          • Crash when rebuilding price history for a security that is no longer available for trading.
          • Crash when after dismissing alert that the financial institution is no longer supporting online banking.
          • Crash when clicking gain/loss cell in Calendar.
          • Crash when changing investment transaction to Payment/Deposit.
          • Crash when clicking "Assets & Loans" in the sidebar.
          • Crash during iBank4 QIF import.
          • Crash when a popup menu, like security list, is opened.
        • Fixed multiple error issues including:
          • Issue where Unknown Error displays if credentials are mistyped on re-authentication for updating an account in a file with an Intuit ID change.
          • Issue where entering dash into Amount field causes issues recovering from error.
          • Issue where Bank of America-Quicken Connect is set up incorrectly with Bank of America-All Other States if user go through Accounts > Setup Automatic Downloads, which results with error message.
          • Issue where editing a transfer transaction causes "invalid transfer" message.
          • Download error issue if credentials are invalid upon re-authentication.
          • Issue regarding account settings errors.
          • Issue where lock file error appears sporadically.
          • Issue where restoring a backup fails if you don't annually choose a location in the Save sheet.
          • Issue regarding calendar daily percent calculation error.
        • Fixed multiple data connection and sync issues including:
          • Issue where Link Action only could be done manually when reconnecting a Web Connect account with Quicken Connect.
          • Issue regarding clicking Options button for list of financial institutions doesn't show connection types (If account has only Direct Connect or Quicken Connect available.)
          • Issue where transactions aren't downloaded when bank is reconnected with Direct Connect from a Web Connect account.
          • Issue where undoing Quicken Connect account deactivation then connecting again results in duplicate transactions.
          • Issue where if a bank is selected in a previous reconnect, the bank name that was entered on the previous reconnect still remains in the list search field but the list isn't filtered down to only items containing that criteria.
          • Issue where Quicken Mac allows you to link a new account to an existing, connected account.
          • Issue where changing the connection method of a Direct Connect account to a Web Connect account results in Quicken trying to add the Web Connect account as a new account, instead of linking it to the connected account.
          • Issue where users are unable to add and update a Scottrade Direct Connect account.
          • Issue where balances mismatch on Quicken Mobile and Quicken Mac post changing time zone to Central Daylight Time.
          • Issue where users can't download transactions with Fidelity investment account.
          • Issue where Quicken Mobile displays old account balance after syncing income/expense transactions assigned a manually created category.
          • Issue where app doesn't open newly created file if user tells it to not use Mobile Sync.
        • Fixed multiple conversion issues including:
          • Issues resetting Intuit ID in a Quicken Essentials for Mac file so it can be imported into Quicken Mac 2015 without entering the Intuit ID credentials.
          • Issues regarding conversion from Windows 2015 Home and Business to Mac 2.5.
          • Issue where upgrade Quicken Essentials for Mac File to Quicken Mac 2015 requires password reset.
          • Issue where Intuit ID password is not automatically entered when importing a Quicken Essential Mac file.
          • Fixed issue where Category Summary doesn't display Transfers section for migrated Quicken Essential Mac files.
          • Fixed issue where Expand Quicken Mac window to full screen mode and drag a Quicken Essentials for Mac or Quicken2015 file on the app makes the Space go black.
        • Other fixed issues including:
          • Issue where online banking account setup leaving system in secure mode as if user in password field.
          • Issue where first tour screen requires scrolling on Yosemite, but no other OS versions.
          • Issue where both ends of scheduled transfer shown in Bill Reminders.
          • Issues where Moving/Renaming/Trashing current document does not notify users.
          • Issues where FI list items displaying as "UNSupported" when user goes to add an account.
          • Issue where tab key was not working to tab through the editable fields of the transaction editor.
          • Issue where making changes to gear menu results in the users Calendar causes Today action also to trigger.
          • Issue where percent in Calendar report displays into the ten thousandths place.
          • Issue regarding unchanged security list of the Calendar pop-up is slightly cut off at the bottom for 10.7.
          • Issue regarding account type field refresh problem in Account Settings.
          • Issue to redirect "Quicken" menu > "Provide Feedback..." that links to correct URL.
          • Issue where clicking a scheduled transaction in Calendar always selects the most future dated transaction in the schedule.
          • Issue where deleting a cleaned up Payee causes corresponding Financial Institution Payee(s) to appear in its absence.
          • Issue where security-related transactions get added to cash account instead of investment if added through All Accounts super register.
          • Issue where downloaded Interest Transactions are uncategorized.
          • Issue where Uncategorized _Transactions are treated differently by different Reports on Quicken Mac and Mobile.
          • Issue where Calendar shows incorrect gain and loss.
          • Issue where changing the date to Reconcile window doesn't change the range of transaction.
          • Issue regarding Opening Budget in standalone window is non-functional.
          • Issues where the income transaction that should offset "Last Month" for the expense category was making the expense category not display in "Select Items to Add" > "Show Used" "Categories". Provided clearer indications as to how to initiate Hide/Show Accounts.
          • Show alert before closing Setup Automatic Downloads assistant.
          • Typo in the update Password confirmation screen.
          • Relabeled “Update Password” button under Accounts > Settings > Troubleshooting for both updating Bank login ID and Password.

        Release 2.5.0

        New & Improved

        • New option on Calendar report to allow showing gains and losses for investment holdings.
          • This option will show the total percent day change (gain or loss) for the investing accounts included in a Calendar report. This is the change in value of the positions held, excluding cash. Click this indicator to see a breakout on gainers and losers for that day as well as dollar amount change.
        • Improved the Download/Financial Institution settings on the Account settings sheet
          • This change focused on eliminating duplicate options, streamlining user flows, and simplifying the functionality of managing the connectivity status of your accounts such as changing connection types, deactivating downloads for either Direct Connect or Quicken Connect accounts, or updating password for Quicken Connect accounts (for example, after you change a password at your Financial Institution) and changing the Password for Direct Connect accounts. Direct connect accounts also now let you explicitly set the date range of transactions to download--useful for troubleshooting or filling in missing transaction data.
        • Fixed hang when updating all accounts
        • Fixed issue reconnecting a web connect account using either Direct Connect or Quicken Connect account types
        • Fixed multiple issues reconnecting accounts via the Setup Automatic Downloads dialog
        • Fixed issue where register would not remember the last scroll position after restarting Quicken (for example, jumping to the top after restarting)
        • Fixed issue where sidebar would not remember the account expand/collapse state after restarting
        • Fixed issue where categorized transfer transactions were being excluded from Category Summary report
        • Fixed multiple issues related to Quicken Windows import process and updated the Quicken Windows conversion utility
        • Fixed multiple issues related to QIF import from other personal finance applications
        • Fixed issue where changing your Intuit ID outside of Quicken caused an error during transaction download
        • Fixed issue where a file restored from backup would not open automatically
        • Fixed issue where setting up automatic downloads for a manual investing account could Quicken to stop responding
        • Fixed multiple issues in the Setup Automatic downloads feature
        • Fixed display issues on report customization sheet
        • Fixed issue where changing the number separator in the System Preferences from comma to decimal could cause a crash
        • Fixed issue where email notification regarding changes to your Intuit Profile could be sent in error
        • Fixed issue where CSV import of values containing commas could be imported incorrectly
        • Fixed issue where changing an account's connection type could result in a duplicate account
        • Fixed multiple display issues in Calendar report
        • Fixed multiple Mobile Sync issues, included a case where tags containing special characters could cause a sync failure
        • Fixed issues in First Use / New file creation flow

        Release 2.4.2


        • Critical update to new user registration
        • Changing your Intuit account email address or password that now opens the accounts.intuit.com web site for enhanced security

        Please Note:

        This is a critical update. Please install this update before March 31, 2015 to avoid disruption of new user registration.

          Release 2.4.1


          • Critical updates in support of bank and investing transactions downloads
          • Critical updates in support of investing quotes and price history downloads

          Please Note

          This is a critical update. Please install this update before April 30, 2015, to avoid disruption of transaction and quote downloads.

          Release 2.4.0


          • Import .QIF file exported from iBank or Moneydance
          • Hidden Accounts can now be included in reports
          • Added ability to import a downloaded Web Connect (.qfx) into an existing account that is already setup for automatic download via Quicken Connect or Direct Connect.
          • Improved performance for large data files (launching Quicken, switching between accounts, etc.)
          • Improved matching of transactions downloaded after changing a connection method for an account
          • Improvements to first use experience
          • Pop-up register windows now retain the same column settings as the non-pop up register.
          • Updated help topics
          • Posted Date from Quicken 2007 transactions are now imported when available
          • Improved 2-digit year entry for older dates (e.g. entering "95" will now result in "1995" instead of "2095")
          • Calendar updates:
            • Improved performance of calendar view
            • Added running balance to future dates (for Bill Reminders or future-dated transactions)
            • Investing transactions now displayed
            • Updates to the visual display


          • Fixed issue in register where hitting tab to select a Payee would not auto-fill the category, notes, or other memorized fields.
          • Fixed issue where special characters in an account name could prevent mobile sync
          • Fixed issue with Quicken 2007 import where some split transactions that include transfers were not imported properly
          • Fixed issue where File > Open Recent was not working while in the getting started screens
          • Fixed issue where bond maturity dates were not displayed correctly on Portfolio view
          • Fixed issue where importing multiple Web Connect files could result in a hang
          • Fixed issue where Portfolio View displayed "no holdings available" even when there were positions in the account.
          • Fixed issue where Quicken could open a previously used data file immediately after completing new file setup via File > New.
          • Fixed issues with restoring from a backup file
          • Fixed issues with opening an existing 2015 data file using an un-registered copy of Quicken (for example, after first installing Quicken on a different computer).
          • Fixed issue printing net worth report
          • Fixed issue with importing Quicken Windows files that include self transfers
          • Fixed issue where undo operation would not restore splits
          • Fixed issue with setting up Bank of America for automatic download via Direct Connect
          • Fixed issue where some imported categories could not be deleted
          • Fixed issue where changing category/subcategory hierarchy could result in a category being missing after mobile sync.
          • Fixed issue where making a sub-category into a top-level category would result in related transactions being marked as uncategorized after the change.
          • Fixed issue where valid characters in an email address (like “+" sign) would cause an error during Intuit ID setup or login
          • Fixed issue where clicking the "forgot password" link during setup could result in an error
          • Fixed issue where a deleted memo field in a split would return after mobile sync

          Known iBank or Moneydance issues

          • iBank Import Issues
            • Review your stock split transactions. iBank exports these transactions without flagging them as positive splits (for example, 2 for 1) or reverse splits (for example, 1 for 2). As such, if your data contains reverse stock splits, you need to manually update them after import. For easy identification, Quicken flags stock splits with a blue icon in the status column. The import log file will also indicate the names of investing accounts that contain Stock Split transactions (See Help > Show Logs in Finder to view your import log file).
            • Interest income transactions without a security are not exported into the .QIF file. To resolve this issue, we recommend that you associate your interest income with a security in iBank, prior to exporting the data into the .QIF file. Or, in iBank, you can change these transactions to deposits and categorize the transaction as interest income. (Alternatively, you can manually enter these transactions in Quicken after import.)
            • Some bond transactions may not be imported accurately. If you notice that there is a discrepancy in your balances or holdings even after resolving the above two issues, check your bond transactions for accuracy.
            • Price history data is not exported. For this, you need to manually import this data into Quicken through a CSV file. (finance.yahoo.com is a good place to find historical prices that you can download as a CSV file and then import into Quicken.)
            • Securities without a ticker symbol are shown with a zero value in your portfolio. You need to manually add a ticker and import the price history for these securities.
            • Balances reported in the Log file. iBank exports the expected "Ending Balance" for each account in the .QIF file. After import Quicken will indicate if the ending balance in Quicken does not match reported Ending Balance in the import Log file (See Help > Show Logs in Finder to view your import log file). Discrepancies in Ending Balance could be caused by missing transactions if you choose to export a range that excludes transactions you have entered in iBank. For example, future-dated transactions or very old transactions.
          • Moneydance Import Issues
            • Opening balance transactions are sometimes not exported from Moneydance into the .QIF file, leading to incorrect account balances. You need to manually enter the opening balance transactions in Quicken after the data is imported.
            • If the opening balance is exported in the .QIF file, it shows incorrect date as 12/31/1969.
            • ShortSell and CoverShort are exported as Short-Term Capital Gain and Long-Term Capital Gain respectively. This results in incorrect share and cash balances. You need to manually change the transaction type (and enter the shares if they are not displayed) after they are imported in Quicken. For easy identification, Quicken flags these transactions with a blue icon.
            • Stock splits are not exported into the .QIF file. You need to manually enter all the stock splits after import in Quicken Mac.
            • Asset and Liability accounts are exported as ‘Bank' accounts. Quicken will import all "Bank" accounts as "Checking". For Liability accounts imported in this way, you can go to Account Settings and change the Account Type to Liability. For the Asset accounts, create a new Asset Account in Quicken Mac 2015 and then select all the transactions from the imported account ("Command + a" in register) and then drag-and-drop the transactions to the newly created Asset Account.
          • For both import types
            • All your accounts will come in as manual (unconnected) accounts. After import you can go to Accounts > Setup Automatic Downloads to see a list of all the unconnected accounts. You will then be guided through automatic download setup.
            • Finally, this is a one-time import. You can only import the exported .QIF file into a new, empty Quicken 2015 file. So, make sure you select the all accounts when you export from the non-Quicken products. (If you want to re-import a QIF, you’ll need to go to File > New and start with a fresh data file.)

          Release 2.3.3


          • Improvements to investing transaction import from Quicken Mac 2007 and Quicken Windows
          • Improved transaction auto-matching


          • Fixed an issue where some 10.7 (Lion) customers were unable to install new updates.
          • Fixed an issue where mobile sync of some Direct Connect accounts could hang.
          • Fixed mobile sync issue where moving a subcategory to a different parent category via drag-and-drop could cause a sync error.
          • Fixed an issue with importing split transactions from Quicken Mac 2007

          Release 2.3.1


          • Calendar view of transactions
            • View your past transactions and future reminders. See when something happened and what's coming up next with transaction details and a daily running balance. Filter down to specific accounts to monitor your cash flow. Click on any transaction to go directly to your register.
          • New Reports
            • Net Worth Over Time Report - Get the big picture of your finances by looking at the balance of Assets vs. Liabilities over time.
            • Payee Summary Report - See exactly where your money is going. Start with comprehensive list of all payees by money spent then instantly drill down to just the payee (or payer) you're interested in.
            • Improved report customization (all reports) - The report customization panel has been completely redesigned. Creating and saving custom reports is easier than ever. In addition, the Category Summary report can now include Asset & Liability accounts.
          • Enhanced Payee List / Payee Management
            • Taming your payees list has never been easier. Choose the Window > Payees menu item and rename payees, merge similar payee names, and hide the names you no longer want to see in your auto-complete lists. Each payee now indicates how many times it's been used and you can click this usage number to instantly see a report for that payee.
          • Mobile alerts now show in Quicken (and in Mac Notification Center)
            • Those of you that use the mobile app can now get alerts right in Quicken. All the alerts for the accounts you sync (Low Balance, Unusual Spending, Large Purchases, Large Deposits, Bank Fees and more) now appear on the new Alert view as well as in your Mac's Notification Center. Turn on mobile sync and check out the alert settings in Preferences to use this feature.
          • More control over security price downloads.
            • By default, Quicken will update all security prices when a document is opened and every 60 minutes thereafter. If this is too often for you, you can now go to Preferences > General and turn off this feature and only get quotes when you need them. Plus there is now an easy-to-find Update Quotes button right on the Portfolio view.


          • If an attachment can't be uploaded, you are now warned, but syncing to the cloud continues.
          • All the custom keyboard shortcuts you use in the register date controls have been added to the reconcile date controls. Now the Starting Balance and Ending Balance date fields will act just like the register date fields.
          • Improved matching of downloaded transactions.
          • Continued improvements to Quicken Windows file conversion (and converter application).
          • Fixed issue where running balance and account balance were not automatically updated after editing a transaction (until you resorted/refreshed the register view).
          • Fixed an issue where "buy" transactions from certain Vanguard accounts increased the cash balance of an account.
          • Fixed an issue where a newly entered transaction was not automatically sorted by date.
          • Fixed an issue where mobile app showed "no payee" for Opening Balance transaction.
          • Fixed an issue where deleted Reminder would remain on Bills graph until page closed and reopened.
          • Fixed an issue where a renamed payee was not used on subsequent downloads.
          • Fixed an issue where transactions converted from a Quicken Windows or Quicken 2007 data file could be duplicated by downloaded transactions after setting up automatic download in Quicken 2015.
          • Fixed an issue where a deleted account could reappear after a mobile sync.
          • Fixed an issue where changing the download method of certain accounts could cause a crash.
          • Fixed an issue where a downloaded transaction dragged to another account retained attributes that no longer applied to the transaction.
          • Fixed a crash that could occur if you checked the “Rename all...” checkbox while editing the payee for a transaction, then changed the transaction type to be an investment type (Buy, Sell, etc).
          • Fixed a crash that could occur when hovering the mouse cursor over a register column header on OS X 10.7.
          • Fixed an issue where the Tax Schedule Report was incorrectly subtracting the commission twice on a Sell transaction, resulting in incorrect Proceeds and Capital Gains values.
          • The Security List window will now stay in focus after merging securities.
          • Improved TurboTax export.
          • Improved mobile sync.

          Release 2.2.0


          • Added a new feature to help you get setup for automatic downloads
            • Choose Accounts > Setup Automatic Downloads and we'll help you get your existing Quicken accounts setup for Automatic Download when available. If you've recently converted from Quicken Windows or Quicken for Mac 2007 and have had trouble downloading, please give this new tool a try.
          • A ton of Download Matching improvements. For all of you that both manually enter transactions and download from the same account.
            • Investing transaction matching! Now manually entered investing transactions will match downloaded transactions. No more manual matching required (though you can still drag-and-drop to match transactions if something is missed).
            • Much improved transaction matching for cash & credit accounts. We've completely overhauled our download matching logic. Users that enter manual transactions and also download from the same accounts should see significant improvements.
            • Transfer matching. We now attempt to detect matches when you edit a downloaded transaction to make it into a transfer.
            • And how could we improve matching without doing the same for Un-matching: Added the ability to un-match a transaction even if you've already edited the matched transaction.
          • Merge Securities: Added the ability to merge securities in the Security List. If you see duplicates of the same security in your Portfolio or Security List, you can now merge them to have just one instance. This could also (optionally) be used in the case of a ticker symbol change for merging the old and new symbols while preserving the price history.
          • Multiple file import: You can now import more than one 2007 or Quicken Windows file into an existing Quicken Mac 2015 file. (Previously the import option would not be available after the import of the first file.)
          • Account Sync options: Now you can choose which Cash & Credit accounts to sync. (Previously we'd sync all Cash & Credit accounts if you turned on the Mobile option.)
          • Import Backups: Now we automatically create a backup of your 2007 or Quicken Windows .QXF file prior to import. You can find these backup files by going to Help > Show backups
          • New keyboard shortcut: (Ctrl + O) open a register or report in a new window. (Note that you can always double-click on any register or report in the sidebar to open it in a new window)
          • Added reset option to Bill Reminder filter bar
          • System date setting is now used for register date field.


          • Fixed multiple issues with Quicken Windows and Quicken 2007 import--including the creation of duplicate securities during 2007 import. (Big thanks to all of you who submitted error reports and data files to help us fix these problems.)
          • Fixed issue that prevented download from Navy Federal Credit Union
          • Fixed issue where filters set in an Investing register transactions view was impacting Portfolio view
          • Fixed issue in Bill Reminder view where a transfer reminder caused an incorrect projected balance(total and graph) when multiple accounts were selected
          • Fixed error when trying to delete an account
          • Many mobile sync fixes and improvements:
            • Fixed issue where deleting or changing a category could cause a non-recoverable sync error
            • Fixed issue where performing a mobile reset could cause an error on subsequent syncs
            • Fixed issue where alert preferences could be returned to default after a mobile reset
            • Fixed issue where doing a mobile sync from a duplicate file (or backup file) could cause an error
            • Fixed issue that could result in a synced account to no longer show up on mobile if the financial institution or connect method changed.
            • Fixed issue that could cause the Sync progress screen to hang after entering an incorrect password
          • Fixed multiple crash issues including:
            • Crash when using right-click filter bar or overview charts
            • Crash when trying to rename a file
            • Crash when importing a Quicken Essentials file that contained unexpected characters in category names
          • Fixed issue where Bill Reminder graph might draw incorrectly in Mac OS 10.7
          • Fixed multiple issues in setup flows including improved messaging for incorrect or invalid passwords
          • Fixed issue where price per share was not updating when editing a Sell Bonds transactions
          • We now ignore the "Automatically insert decimal point" preference in the investing "Shares" field (only)
          • A few tweaks for Yosemite (including an error where the Spending Over Time report was out of alignment)

          Release 2.1.1

          • Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing Bill Reminders (cash flow) on OS X 10.7 (Lion).

          Release 2.1


          • Forecast your Projected Balances - See a Projected Balances / Forecast view based on Reminders (scheduled transactions) and future-dated transactions. Click on Bill Reminders in the sidebar to check it out. (You'll need to have Scheduled Reminders, future-dated transactions (or both) to see this feature.)
          • Security Price History Edit and CSV import - Now you have full control over your security price history.
            • Edit existing price history
            • Add price history for securities Quicken cannot download.
            • Import a CSV file of price history data downloaded from sites like Yahoo Finance.
            • Rebuild price history to correct data problems
          • Customizable Register Rows - You can now choose three sizes: Comfortable (default), Cozy or Compact. Go to View > Register Rows to try the new settings and see more rows in your registers.
          • New menu item: Accounts > Sync to Mobile
          • Added option on the Account Status window to show window only when errors occur (prevents display after every sync or update)


          • Fixed an issue where automatic decimal point entry did not work in Reconcile window
          • Fixed issue that could cause Fidelity NetBenefits accounts to be unable to download transactions immediately after being added to Quicken.
          • Fixed an issue that could cause an account to disappear from you mobile device.
          • Fixed an issue where the asset class was not being saved.
          • Fixed an issue that caused future dated transactions entered on mobile devices not to sync properly
          • Fixed a sync issue that could cause a previously matched transaction to become un-matched after sync (and possibly cause subsequent sync errors)
          • Fixed an issue that could cause some users working with a copy or backup of a data file to experience sync errors
          • Fixed a crash that could occur when linking an online account to an existing, manual account.
            Multiple Mobile Sync improvements.

          Release 2.0.4


          • Improved the way subcategories are selected when typing in the category field.
          • Continued sync improvements. If you had a sync error and it isn't fixed by this update, please try resetting the account. You can reset an account by going to the Preference dialog and selecting the Mobile & Alerts / Advanced Tab and selecting Reset Cloud Data. For some, a reset is required to fix problems in the mobile data.
          • Clicking on a month in the Spending Over Time chart in the Overview section will now go to the right month.
          • Schedule D report will now only display results from taxable accounts.
          • Continued improvements in first use experience including allowing backup files to be opened and password improvements.


          • Fixed split issues in investment cash transactions.
          • Fixed a reconcile issue where the last transaction in the range wouldn't get marked as reconciled because of a time zone issue.
          • Fixed a Quicken Windows import issue where the reconcile status wouldn't get set for cash transfers of "x" type investment transactions.
          • Fixed calculation issue when selecting an aggregated investment view such as Investments, Brokerage, Retirement or Education.
          • Fixed a number of crashing issues.

          Release 2.0.3


          • Added the ability to see scheduled and future transactions when using the Last 12 Months filter (or similar filters) in the transaction list.
          • Added a converter check for imported Quicken Windows files to make sure the latest converter is used which will provide the highest quality conversion.


          • Fixed an issue that prevented import of a small number of Quicken Essentials files.
          • Fixed an issue that prevented import of a small number of Quicken 2007 files.
          • Fixed some bugs.


          Release 2.0.2

          • Fixed an issue with Overview and Reports not appearing properly.

          Release 2.0.1


          • Improved mobile sync.
          • Improved payee performance.
          • Added support for importing reconciliation and clear flags on investment transactions.


          • Fixed Tax Schedule Report so Schedule D items appear.
          • Fixed Unrealized Gain % issue.
          • Fixed top crashing issues.

          Release 2.0.0

          First release of Quicken 2015

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