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Quicken for Windows
Quicken for Windows 2015

Release R11 (04/20/16)

  • FIXED: An issue where some users were being repeatedly prompted for Secure Login (Multi Factor Authentication).
  • FIXED: An issue where some users were being repeatedly prompted for Secure Login (Multi Factor Authentication).

Release R10 (12/18/15)


  • FIXED: App crashes on opening the data file having One Intuit Identity Password in some cases.
  • FIXED: App crashes on Performing One Step Update in some cases.

Release R9 (12/14/15); RECALLED (12/16/15)


  • FIXED: Changes made to the QuickFill drop-down list position and size to make data entry field visible and show the buttons

Reports - Credit Score

  • FIXED: Users get an error that Internet is unavailable when fetching the Credit Score report for registered SSN.


  • REMOVED: Subscription to Text (SMS) alerts option has been removed.

Release R8 (5/26/15)

  • FIXED: Some customers getting an unexpected/incorrect password prompt preventing them from accessing their data file in R6/R7 version(s).

NOTE: This patch cannot unlock data files that experienced the file password issues. A backup made prior to this condition must be restored to continue using the data in that file. This patch can only prevent future file lock conditions with this product.

For more instructions on restoring a backup, please see any of the following articles:

Release R7 (5/12/15)


  • Added authentication to set Intuit ID Password for Data file, during user registration.


  • FIXED: Returned the view of Running Balance values in the register, regardless of Sort Order.


  • FIXED: Crash observed during Add Accounts flow

Release R6 (4/30/15); RECALLED (5/7/15)

Enhanced Features

  • Add Account: Quicken now shows the FI URL as a tool tip when hovered over the FI link
  • Investments: "Compare to register" behaviour made similar to that of Banking account after all transactions are accepted
  • Investments: "Compare to portfolio" option moved from "Online Center" to under "Preferences->Downloaded transactions" settings
  • Mobile Sync: Sync capabilities for tags list
  • TurboTax data import: Support to Import TurboTax 2015 data file in Quicken
  • Intuit ID Registration: Simplified the Sign-in page for upgraders
  • Tax Planner: Alternative Minimum Tax calculation rate and phaseout support for year TY-2014 and TY-2015


Debt Reduction planner

  • FIXED: After debt is paid off, extra amount applied to the next debt in line

Life Time planner

  • UPDATED: Social Security and Medicare Tax Rates
  • UPDATED: 401(k) contribution limits
  • FIXED: Sorting issues in "Living Expenses Category Detail"

Tax planner

  • UPDATED: Allowable Medical Deduction rate to support 10% and 7.5% for 65 years and above
  • UPDATED: Tax year for "Tax Scenario Comparison" to the latest
  • UPDATED: Long Term Capital Gains rates for 2015
  • FIXED: Introduced 7th tax bracket display for 2014 and 2015
  • FIXED: Missing transactions in Tax Schedule A report


  • FIXED: 'Full payment schedule' for cleared loans
  • FIXED: Incorrect Pay-off Date in Loan Graph


  • FIXED: Editing Investment Income Transaction
  • FIXED: Inconsistencies in Growth of $10,000 reports

Credit Monitoring alerts

  • UPDATED: Credit Monitoring alert icons
  • FIXED: Credit Monitoring server errors observed in some cases

One Step Update

  • UPDATED: More specific error message for failed account update
  • FIXED: Temporary files created during OSU are cleaned up


  • FIXED: Issue seen while editing date of an "only once" bill
  • FIXED: Balances in the register for sorted transactions
  • FIXED: Sort order while accepting downloaded transactions
  • FIXED: Default focus in reconciliation window

Account Add flow

  • FIXED: Issue seen while reactivating account with unknown type


  • FIXED: "Cash flow by Tag" report now shows the cash inflow and outflow details to and from the accounts
  • FIXED: Columns in Reports and Graphs Center


  • FIXED: Crash observed in Add account flow in some cases
  • FIXED: Crash observed for First time Quicken 2015 use in some cases
  • FIXED: Crash observed in OSU flow in some cases
  • FIXED: Crash while downloading and accepting investment transactions in some cases
  • FIXED: Crash observed in Price History update in some cases
  • FIXED: Crash observed in XPS Printing in some cases
  • FIXED: Crash observed in Build Future Report in some cases
  • FIXED: Crash observed in customizing report in some cases


  • FIXED: Glossary in Quicken help
  • FIXED: Install Wizard links to open default browser
  • FIXED: Quicken registration flow triggering Intuit Id updated e-mail

Release R5 (3/24/2015)

Enhanced features

  • SECURITY: Enhanced Multi Factor Authentication for updating Intuit ID profile information
  • Quicken support information: Help message appears at the bottom of the Intuit ID registration/sign in flow (for new users/existing users) and while converting the Data file from earlier versions of Quicken.
  • Updated Model Portfolio in asset allocation guide.

Mortgage loan

  • FIXED: Default principal and interest categories are now editable


  • FIXED: Highlighted Transaction lost when sorting the register.


  • FIXED: "Cash flow by Tag" report now shows the cash inflow and outflow details to and from the accounts.


  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated all "File browse" and "File New" dialog to be same as host Windows explorer style.


  • FIXED: Crash when using the View menu
  • FIXED: Non responsive menu item under "Edit" when in investing accounts.

Release R4 (1/13/2015)

Enhanced features

  • Improved Intuit ID registration flow for upgraders
  • Introduced new Add-on Services tab to showcase Quicken services
  • Updated 2015 Tax rates
  • Support for Importing TurboTax 2015 tax file in Quicken

Scheduled Update

  • FIXED: Quicken not closing after scheduled update in some scenarios

Bills and Reminders

  • FIXED: Remind me in advance for Bill reminders incorrectly saved when the days are >=256
  • FIXED: No "Enter" or "Skip" on Bill in Stack view for any new bill that is setup to occur only once
  • FIXED: Changes made on 'Edit Income Reminder' dialog not getting saved in case of dividend reminder.

Focus Issue

  • FIXED: Retaining focus on the Calendar/Stack view when focus returns to Quicken
  • FIXED: Focus is missing on 'Verify Cash Balance' dialog when launched


  • FIXED: Investing Holding view loosing display values
  • FIXED: Changes made to Brokerage accounts not reflected in linked Cash accounts
  • FIXED: Add account summary for Brokerage accounts shows downloaded transactions numbers of days incorrectly
  • FIXED: Securities disappearing after performing One step update, in cases where there are multiple securities with same ticker symbol
  • FIXED: Reconcile investment accounts displaying data in the wrong columns - "Posting Date"


  • FIXED: Erroneous transactions displayed in print register when using 2-Line display
  • FIXED: Unable to print the register when sort by "Date" is used
  • FIXED: Quicken is printing "r" in Memo column while printing Customer Invoice register


  • FIXED: Cannot clear or reconcile Linked Cash Acct Txn
  • FIXED: Unable to mark transferred transactions Reconciled
  • FIXED: Sorting of columns in reconcile window for Credit Card accounts

Tax Summary

  • FIXED: Custom Dates Not Functioning Properly on Tax Summary Report
  • FIXED: Fiscal Year preferences not respected for Tax Summary


  • FIXED: Sounds not working in Quicken 2015
  • FIXED: Editing Loan principal and interest amount not reflected in Projected balances
  • FIXED: Data file sanitizer not removing online payee information
  • FIXED: Expense Graph on the Home page is inconsistent with the Full Graph
  • FIXED: Notes Column does not allow entry in the register


  • FIXED: Crash observed during One Step update in some scenarios
  • FIXED: Quicken converter crashing when a password protected file was used
  • FIXED: Crash observed while entering or editing Notes for transactions in some scenarios
  • FIXED: Crash observed while entering or editing Categories for transactions in some scenarios
  • FIXED: Crash observed during loading of Portfolio view in some scenarios
  • FIXED: Crash observed in tax calculator in some scenarios
  • FIXED: Crash observed in Large font mode in some scenarios
  • FIXED: Crash observed in reports in some scenarios


  • FIXED: Accessibility issues in Windows 8.1
  • FIXED: Accessibility issues for About Quicken screen

Release R3 (10/16/2014)

Credit Score

  • FIXED. Resolved an issue where appropriate message was not getting displayed while re-registering for Credit score with already registered user within 90 days.
  • IMPROVED. Improved a workflow where Invalid authorization error message will now guide user to fix the problem and get the credit report.

Schedule Updates

  • FIXED. Resolved an issue where qw.exe was not getting closed after completing Schedule update in a particular scenario.
  • FIXED. Resolved a data file access violation issue during Schedule update on Windows startup.


  • FIXED. Resolved an issue where future dated scheduled transactions, cleared prior to statement ending date was not getting considered for reconciliation.

Projected Balances

  • FIXED. Resolved an issue where scheduled reminder for mortgage loan account in projected balances was getting doubled for Principle amount.


Release R2 (10/1/2014)

One Intuit Password

  • FIXED. Resolved an issue in case user updates Intuit ID or password outside of Quicken.
  • FIXED. Resolved an issue where Intuit Password was getting set as Vault Password incorrectly.
  • FIXED. Resolved an issue where Password vault becomes inaccessible after opting for Intuit Password as Vault Password.
  • IMPROVED. Improved Reset functionality for Password vault.

Credit Score

  • FIXED. Removed horizontal scroll bar from Credit Score report for minimum supported resolution.
  • FIXED. Resolved an issue where user has to re-register for Credit Score after moving out of lockout state.
  • FIXED. Resolved an issue where invalid authorization error was shown when mobile account was not created while requesting Credit Score.
  • FIXED. Removed unwanted text from Age of Credit section and corrected pointer location from Derogatory Marks section for a particular scenario.
  • IMPROVED. Improved Credit Monitoring Alerts.


  • FIXED. Resolved few issues in Portfolio X-ray feature.
  • FIXED. Resolved an issue where Quicken was not retaining user edited column widths on Account Overview dialog.
  • IMPROVED. Introduced Resolve Placeholder Entry tab at the bottom of Investment accounts to improve Placeholder handling.


  • IMPROVED. Improved accessibility on Intuit ID Registration screens.


  • FIXED. Resolved few crashes.



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