Quicken 2016 for Windows Release Notes

Quicken for Windows
Quicken for Windows 2016

Release 11 (February 2017)

Important upgrade for Online Bills

  • Upgrade: The Quicken Online bills service has been upgraded to provide a higher quality of service and security. Quicken now supports 8000+ billers and we will continue to add new billers. To complete this upgrade, you may be prompted to re-login to some of your biller accounts.

Data File password

  • IMPROVED: Introducing the ability to remove forgotten password from a data file by answering security questions, without having to upload the file to a server.


  • REVAMPED: A modern, self-service patching infrastructure which reduces download duration and reduces the frequency of patching errors.


  • REVAMPED: A new authentication service from Quicken.

Tax Planner

  • Fixed: An issue in Tax Planner where ‘Capital gains distributions' were double counted – Once in ‘Detail’ and again in the ‘Total’.

  • Fixed: An issue in Tax Planner where scheduled State tax quarterly estimated payments made in the following year were included in this year's tax planner deduction.

  • Fixed: An issue in Tax Planner where Long Term Capital Gains tax bracket threshold.

  • Fixed: An issue in Tax Planner where AMT (Alternate Minimum Tax) Long Term Capital Gains were incorrectly taxed as regular AMT income.

  • Fixed: An issue in Tax Planner where AMT excluded deductions were incorrectly incorporating a 2.5% add-on to the medical and dental expense.

Release 10 (October 2016)


  • FIXED: An error that would block 'Sign in' on a new data file in some cases.
  • FIXED: An issue where the 'Next' button was not being enabled on the Registration screen, when signed in with an Intuit ID registered with non-US phone number.

Release 9 (September 2016)

Internal Only Release

Release 8 (June 2016)


  • IMPROVED: Handling of placeholders by giving an option to delete all placeholders if user doesn’t want to solve them.
  • FIXED: An issue when ‘Include Unrealized Gains’ check box is selected in Investment Transaction Report, the opening balance row was incorrect.
  • FIXED: An issue where the placeholder transaction would get deleted even when the placeholder is not resolved.
  • FIXED: CTRL+X shortcut key wouldn’t take the user from one side of the transfer to the other side, especially in investing register.

Online Bills

  • IMPROVED: Remembers the previous payment instruction for a payee and auto-populates the fields for the next instruction (Account / Category / Split & Memo).
  • FIXED: An issue where the ‘Skip’ button on a bill would not actually skip the bill.  

Account Reconciliation

  • FIXED: An issue where reconciliation window would not retaining the ‘Sort order’ for Date column.  
  • FIXED: An issue where the downloaded transactions would not be displayed in ‘Downloaded Transactions’ tab.  

Data File Password

  • IMPROVED: Introducing the ability to remove custom data file password by answering security questions, without having to go through the multi-step process using the current tool available on Quicken Support site.


  • FIXED: An issue where duplicate invoices could have been sent in email, when sent in HTML format.  

Backup and Restore

  • FIXED: An issue where ‘Restore from backup’ would not work while using Quicken Online Backup.  

File Conversion

  • FIXED: An issue where all transactions would be lost for some users while upgrading from Quicken Windows 2015 R8 to Quicken Windows 2016, if the data file had a few corrupted records.  

Improved Customer Feedback Reporting

  • IMPROVED: Integrated with a new tool which allows customers to provide feedback on bank download connectivity. The new tool allows us to proactively work on fixing issues before you report them to us.

Release R7 (May 2016)


  • FIXED: An issue where fractional shares (created due to rounding) resulted in zero share placeholders being created

Intuit ID Password

  • FIXED: An issue where some users were prompted to login each time they switched Quicken data files
  • FIXED: An issue where some users were prompted to login when adding an account, even though they'd just logged in during registration
  • FIXED: An issue that could cause the Intuit login screen to not appear, even when the customer needs to login

Bill Linking

  • FIXED: An issue where a Biller that required Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) could not be added
  • FIXED: An issue where 'Link it now' was shown even if the user doesn't use the bill linking feature
  • FIXED: An issue where 'Link it now' was not shown on Edit All Instances dialogue

Account Bar

  • FIXED: An issue where balances in the Account Bar may not update after accepting new transactions
  • FIXED: An issue where the Red Activity Flag in the Account Bar may not be hidden, even after accepting new transactions
  • FIXED: An issue where an incorrect currency symbol could be shown in the Account Bar

One Step Update

  • FIXED: An issue where downloading USD currency accounts could fail if the home currency is a non-USD account
  • FIXED: An issue where Quicken crashed when One Step Update is started from the 'All accounts' snapshot
  • FIXED: An issue where One Step Update could fail after enabling scheduled security quote updates

Account Register

  • FIXED: An issue where some keyboard shortcuts would not work in some windows or account registers

Account Reconciliation

  • FIXED: An issue where the selected transaction could change when Reconcile is started
  • FIXED: An issue where canceling reconciliation could cause the last statement date to be improperly updated
  • FIXED: An issue where very old checks could trigger a duplicate check number warnings during reconciliation
  • FIXED: An issue where transactions that had already been matched with a downloaded transaction were being displayed in the Match Manual Transaction dialogue

Tax Planner

  • FIXED: An issue where some information (such as paycheck withholding data) was not automatically updated in the Tax Planner

File Operations

  • FIXED: An issue where a file password could not be set when attempting to copy a password protected data file through the File Operations > Copy option

Credit Score

  • FIXED: Updated a confusing error message that appeared after entering an incorrect response to security questions during Credit Score setup 


  • FIXED: An issue that caused a "beep" sound when using some keyboard shortcuts

Release R6 (March 2016)

This patch resolves the following issues:

Compare to Register

  • FIXED: An issue where sorting by payee did not work in Compare To Register.


  • FIXED: An issue where transactions in the Reconcile window could become selected when your mouse moved over the list.

Intuit ID Password

  • FIXED: An issue where some customers were being prompted multiple times for their Intuit ID password when attempting to use Connected Services.

Intuit ID Secure Login (Multi Factor Authentication)

  • FIXED: An issue where some users were being repeatedly prompted for Secure Login (Multi Factor Authentication).


  • FIXED: A crash that could occur while using an Investing Register.
  • FIXED: A crash that could occur while downloading quotes.
  • FIXED: A crash that could occur while viewing the Spending Tab immediately after a One Step Update.
  • FIXED: A crash that could occur during One Step Update.

Release R5 (January 2016)

In this update, we have resolved several issues and delivered a new feature. For additional information, click the 'What's in this Update' button.

Before you update

Note: If you use Bill Pay or Online Transfers we recommend you perform a One Step Update before installing an update.

Online Bills Tab

  • ENHANCED: Improved error handling when Adding a Biller or Managing existing Billers.
  • ENHANCED: Billers that are in error state or cannot be updated now shows up under 'Manage Bills'.
  • ENHANCED: Biller errors now show on One Step Update window and link to the Online Bills Tab to resolve.
  • ENHANCED: Improved error messages in general.
  • ENHANCED: Added ability to resize the 'Manage Bills' window.
  • FIXED: Issues where update/refresh Biller could fail in some cases.
  • FIXED: An issue where 'Send' button on Online Bills tab was not visible when monitor is set to 150% DPI.

Tax Planner

  • Updated 2016 Tax Rates and Limits


  • FIXED: An issue where some customers might experience a crash when clicking on the Bills tab.
  • FIXED: A crash that could occur during One Step Update


  • FIXED: A calculation error that could occur during reconciliation.
  • FIXED: An issue where a Sign In screen could appear again after Successful sign in.

Release R4 (January 2016)

New Feature: Tax Optimizer

  • Minimize your taxes with LifeYield Tax Optimizer and get to know your projected tax savings and increase in assets.
  • Monitor your portfolio for alignment with your target asset allocation, and for optimal tax efficiency.
  • Get started with Tax Optimizer, By Navigating to the Investing Tab.

Bill Presentment

  • IMPROVED: The Settings/Gear icon option "Refresh from biller" changed to "Update from biller" for consistency.
  • FIXED: Duplicate transaction is displayed on the Bills tab if an unlinked credit card bill is paid and linked later.
  • FIXED: Total amount due changes to 0 (zero) when unlinked credit card bills with the minimum amount due as default are paid.
  • FIXED: Unlinking a paid biller and linking it back to the reminder restores all the paid bills as upcoming bills.
  • FIXED: Quicken crashes on unlinking a bill for specific scenario.

Reports - Credit Score

  • FIXED: Users get an error that Internet is unavailable when fetching the Credit Score report for registered SSN.
  • FIXED: Typo in the Credit Score registration drop down.

Mobile and Alerts

  • REMOVED: Option to subscribe to text (SMS) alerts.


  • FIXED: Quicken Main window title bar grayed out on windows 10.
  • FIXED: Error in calculation and Posting date for OFX Transactions in some cases during reconciliation.

Release R3 (December 2015)


  • FIXED: In certain cases, some data from the data file is not loading after an upgrade.

File Management

  • FIXED: In some cases, users get locked out when switching between data files.

Reports - Credit Score

  • FIXED: Users get an error that Internet is unavailable when fetching the Credit Score report for registered SSN.

Bill Center

  • FIXED: Linking biller to a reminder with auto enter in register caused multiple transactions entries.
  • FIXED: The Enter and Skip buttons are displayed in downloaded paid bills.
  • FIXED: The security message on the biller login page is correctly displayed when the user name header is lengthy.
  • IMPROVED: The transaction history message for Online Bills is reworded to display the correct message.
  • IMPROVED: The text on the biller login page is correctly alligned.
  • IMPROVED: The scroll bar and the text on the Bills page are correctly displayed when DPI is 150%.
  • IMPROVED: The Settings/Gear icon on the Bills page is improved for better view and is enhanced when users hover the mouse over it.
  • IMPROVED: Error text messages reworded for better understanding.

Release R2 (November 2015)

NEW: Bill Center

  • You no longer need to manually keep track of all your bills. Quicken can now scrape your bills directly from over 7000 biller websites, get the right bill amount and remind you about the exact due dates.
  • Add your various Utilities, Credit Cards, Insurance, Bank Billers in Quicken under Online Bills to view all bills in one place.
  • Link bills to your Bill Reminders for accurate cash flow projections.


  • FIXED: Data from a random transaction is copied in to the end transaction when clicking X button in the Search field.
  • FIXED: Register scrolls down to the bottom on investing register when a transaction is deleted.
  • FIXED: Erroneous sorting of register on invoking 'Memorized investment transaction'.
  • FIXED: Unable to delete notes from transactions.


  • FIXED: Word wrap for column headers on Investing->Portfolio view.
  • FIXED: Removed the 'Resolve Placeholder' entry in the Customize View under the Investing section.
  • FIXED: 10 digits total market value is not getting considered for Investing -> Allocations actual cash total.


  • FIXED: Reconcile Window loses focus after doing Alt+Tab.


  • FIXED: Vault password prompt issue during data file conversion in a specific scenario.


  • FIXED: JAWS focus issue on the 'Start Over' button when Intuit ID registration fails or errors out.
  • FIXED: JAWS should announce the message on the error screen while registering a new user.

Mobile Sync

  • FIXED: Error Setting up Account in Mobile for a specific Financial Institution.


  • FIXED: Incorrect Budget displayed in some cases.

One Step Update

  • FIXED: Account balance is not updated in some cases after One Step Update.


  • FIXED: Crash in some reports/graphs for a spacic scenario.
  • FIXED: Portfolio X-Ray use causes quicken to crash in some scenarios.
  • FIXED: Crash when requesting quotes while viewing Portfolio X-Ray in some scenarios.
  • FIXED: Quicken is crashing when the data file name has more than or equal to 208 characters.
  • FIXED: Quicken is crashing when clicking on 'I am New" button in some fresh machines.


  • FIXED: 'About Quicken' does not show in 'Large fonts' though enabled.
  • FIXED: 'Add date to backup file' check box on 'Backup' dialog should retain the checked status.
  • FIXED: Typo in 'Help->Quicken Connected Services'.
  • FIXED: Mileage rate for medical mileage in Itemized Deduction Estimator.
  • FIXED: Categories fail to import correctly from .QXF created from Quicken for Mac.
  • FIXED: Memorized Payee is not getting Memorized when Category is a Transfer type.
  • FIXED: Clicking on Add-On Services, the Quicken window title bar shows 'Tips & Tutorials' incorrectly.
  • FIXED: Fixed the copy right date in the About Quicken dialog.
  • FIXED: The misleading text in Add Account Screen.


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